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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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Ah!! Were having problems with the comments eh? I would like to say, that you MUST use Mozilla Firefox, because the comment link doesn't show up if you use Internet Explorer -_- I'm sorry, but yeah, I just feel kind of neglected...I don't want to sound..um..bitch or anything but lately I've only been receiving like 2 comments or something like that and it's kind of depressing.

Anyway, I'm really pissed right now! I hate coming home, because it's the same shit everyday! You walk in the door, and immediately you are bombarded with bitching and yelling! I'm so fucking sick of it! I just wanna go to school one day and like ditch going home all together...I just wanna get away, you know? It's a huge piss off going home, so that's why, I try to hang out in the metro with my friends as long as possible before I go home...to the utter...madness -_-

But, because I'm not grounded for 3 weeks, I can't do that anymore, or I'll get grounded for an additional month...which reminds me...I didn't want to eat something at diner today, but I ate everything else right? And my dad is all "If you don't eat that, I'll add an additional 30 days" so I'm all "WTF?" so he's all and don't give me excuses and then I'm all "So, I'm not allowed to not like something?" and then he gets mad and raises his voice then...yeah..not very pretty.

I have a feeling my week is about to get even worse, I'm getting my report card tomorrow...and I know I did very bad this term >.< and I completely failed both those tests I had today =S I mean, for math I did one half and then left the rest blank (cause I kinda lost hope in ever passing)and then with the science test I left everything blank because I...just really didn't care anymore you know?

So, life is pretty much a downward spiral so far...Today after school, my friend wanted to get something to eat, so we were all going with her when some other people called them to come, but they said that they were going somewhere else but then the other people said, "oh c'mon! We'll buy you food" so they ditched my friend and I...So I was a little pissed by that..I mean, they would ditch there friends for food? Seriously wtf?

So I didn't follow them, and went with my friend.

Well...I gotta go...

[EDIT 7:18PM]: I've decided to avoid my guy friend that is getting really close...I really don't want to hurt him, so I figure avoiding him will be the easiest thing to do...I hope it's not a bad decision, I figure, if I avoid him, he'll forget me, and move on..you know? I mean, he gets really comfy with other girls too but me just a little more -__-...so it shouldn't be to hard for him to move on right? I told my friend this on MSN and she says that she'd miss me and that it wouldn't be the same....but...I think she's wrong, I think it's actually a positive thing n__n I mean, it will still be fun without me....I mean, if they could ditch me and my friend after school today they probably could go on without us right?

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