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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hello everyone, thanks so much for all your comments on my previous post there! My layout is pretty dull eh? Do you think I should add more to it? All opinions matter to me >.< I'm a crazy person haha! Well yeah, a lot had happened and yeah...I'll try to explain everything to you guys.

So, how should I begin? I'm feeling very depressed right now, my parents are completely ignoring me and it's really bugging me to no end right now. But there reason for ignoring me is valid...but it still hurts you know? I came home last night at 4 because ehh...it's kind of hard to explain (or I'm just very bad with English) Okay, um, on Friday I asked my parents if I could go shopping after school with my friends in the "underground city" (Sorry, it's hard to explain why it's called the underground city in one sentence...but it's uh...um, a huge place to go shopping and yeah) soo...I had fun shopping! We were eating and this random guy who looked around 23 or something comes up to us and says "I'm sorry to bother you two but, I'd like to become your friend so here is my e-mail, please e-mail me if you want, bye." O__O we wait for him to leave and then we crack up! Something even funnier happened, when we were laughing, this guy sitting across from us starts laughing too ( I guess he heard what happened ;o ) and then he asks us where the nearest bathroom is, and we look down and he wet himself XD I swear! I though stuff like that only happen in movies! It was sooo hilarious!

Anyway, back to why I'm in trouble...so we go shopping and we check the time and it's 10:00pm?! So we get to the metro and I go to her house because it's closer than mine...but by the time we get there it's 11:30pm so I call home and my parents are yelling at me say "Where are you?! Get home right now?!" and a bunch of stuff, so you see I asked if I could sleep over and uh.....yeah..now I'm grounded for 3 weeks -_- very much deserved..they don't trust me very much anymore.

Like, they think I'm a druggie o__O which is very disturbing because I'm NOT. I just happen to have friends who do smoke and drink ^^;

Anyway...I'm getting a little weirded out...so I'll go now..


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