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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bonjour tout la monde!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I know that I had an okay one. All I really did is watch movies, msn, and eat ice-cream all night ;p so it was ok, my friends really wanted me to go trick-or-treating with them, but I didn't go simply because I didn't feel like it (is that a bad thing?)

3Well, there also was this Halloween Dance, I was asked to go by one of my guy friends who has gotten really close to me...but I didn't go either (Talk about bad Halloween Spirit eh?) well, you know it's a good thing I didn't go, so much shit happened that day that I'm glad I didn't get myself involved in that stuff! There was smoking (weed, pot etc.) and there was beer and some fighting...so I'm pretty happy that I stayed home. My friend Kathy told me all about it over the phone at 12:30am and I worried for them so much as if I were there...some kid got into a fight with a random guy passing through the park and some of my guy friends had to grab him and take him away and stuff >.< it was horrible....

Anyway, on a lighter note, how do you like this crazy colourful layout? Heey! Wait aren't I suppose to leave you guys ;__; what am I still doing here? Ha! ha! Anyway, yeah, I haven't used photoshop in months and I think I've lost my touch! So I need your opinions...

Okay, now about my day so far...
I'm suppose to go to see Saw 4 with my friends but the thing is, you know the guy friend that asked me to the dance and is getting a little too close? Yeah, my friend Kathy said I should never go to a movie with him (I don't blame her, the last time I did that he started holding my hand and made me rest my head on his shoulder and stuff)so...I'm debating whether or not I should go or not? What do you guys think?

Ohh! Yesterday! Brandon came into class high O__O it was kind of funny, cause when my math teacher would ask him to solve a question he'd stare and start laughing XD which was also a bit scary but funny you know?

Here I am skipping from topic to random topic!
Facebook has been so wonderful to me, I'm absolutely addicted to it! I love the haw the online world connects people! Heh, I know pretty random eh? Ha ha!

Anyway, I haven't asked you guys any questions in a while eh?

And I guess I save them for tomorrow ha ha!

Toodles my loves!

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