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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today has just been the worst, as I type I'm crying because I can't handle any of this anymore...I'm leaving MyO when I need you most, isn't that stupid?!

3So much drama today, it's driving me crazy, and to be honest I can't take it. One of my best friends got into a fight with another friend, and now she is depressed because she's afraid that Chrissy might hold a grudge against her...I'm depressed because I'm worried about them, and because I might have potentially ruined more than one friendship (I hate myself so much right now..)

Today, is Wednesday, at half day at my school, so I take this opportunity to visit my old friends at my "ex-high school" some of my friends from my school tag along with me. While I was going there, on the metro, (I only went with one guy friend...) he started going through my bag and he got into my English binder and happened to find the notes my friend and I pass in English class. Just so happens that we talk about him sometimes :) he reads it...in that note, my friend is dissing him up saying he's gonna rape my ipod and stuff.

I felt like such a bitch! Because I support everything my friend says because I don't want her to question me...

So, I then told him that She doesn't really like him very much (Because, when I'm alone with her she always bad mouths them..so I got the impression...) and he said it was ok, and that he doesn't like her very much either.

I was afraid something bad was gonna happen out of it, and he told me he wouldn't say anything...but what a liar...

I trusted him...and yet, I go on facebook, and he writes "i dont kno maybe becuz u dont like me?" and she goes "Says Who ?" so now...I don't know what to do...I don't even know what to say, I'm disappointed in myself.

I'm gonna end this so I can cry in bad...for some reason it helps...

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