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Monday, October 15, 2007

While I'm here I might as well post right?
Besides, I love you guys, and you should know that ;3 and if you don't, then you know now! I'll miss you guys I really will, so...I'll keep on posting until I have to go.

3I have lots and lots to tell you guys! It's bad, but kind of good...? Lately, I've been hanging out with my friends' friends it's very weird :p I enjoy hanging out with them more than my 'main group' of friends (makes me feel like a bitch) but now I hang out with my friends' friends more, so they kind of have become my 'main group of friends' it's very weird.

Well, to continue without confusing you with my rather odd word choice...We have become very close, but the funny thing is, we have only known each other for like a month or so, but were already do close.

So, on Friday I went with my Anne to go pick up her cousin coming from Ottawa, Quan tagged along cause we kind of dragged him there (Laughs, hehe, were so evil) and we waited for about 3 hours...Anne got upset because she was suppose to be there at 5:00pm but we waited till 8 and she didn't show, so she kept on walking away looking for her. So it left me and Quan alone...

He got strangely close to me, and the weird thing was..that I liked it (Not in any dirty way people D:) I grew to like him as he likes me <3 he told me that he loves me...i find it hard to say it back, I don't really know why...

It's very odd, I don't know what is wrong with me, I'm so frozen. Do you have any idea why?

Now, on another subject, new layout! You like? It's for Halloween! One of my favorite holidays or the year, so I had to do something you know?

Nightmare Before Christmas remains to be one of my favorite childhood movies, it was made the year after I was born...and I still love it to this day, I found out there is a NMBC (Nightmare Before Christmas)manga! Sally looks adorable! I have always loved Tim Burton's creations! Like The Corpse Bride was so sweet~

I don't really have much to say, so take care you guys...

With much love,

[EDIT]: I really should finish, get started on my homework...

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