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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thanks for all your comments, they were so long, I loved it, even if I didn't really get a lot, I really don`t mind you know? Because each comment had a lot of meaning...so I thank you, each and everyone of you.

Anyway, I was on MSN yesterday with Kathy and Quan, we were suppose to go watch a movie and hang out later today but I completely forgot that it was my friends birthday "today" . So today I went on FaceBook and gave her presents and stuff for her birthday, but you know what? She told me it wasn't her birthday! I honestly thought it was her birthday, I feel so silly >u<

I think I'm coming down with some kind of cold or something, everyone around me has been sick, so I figure that it's finally gotten to me...I'm trying my best to deal with it as fast as I can before it gets worse lol *gets water* my mom has been sick with it for a week and a few days.

FaceBook, I must admit is very addictive O3O;; seeing all my friends from my "ex-high school" is strange, because they have all changed so much! I remember, even if I did have a bad when I went to china town with those people, I went to elementary school with one of those guys and he's changed a lot! It gets me wondering if I have changed at all? He says I've "turned emo on him" but I don't believe that, no matter how many times people have called me that T.T

I've been called "emo" for over a year now, by my entire class =u= I really don't see why? I mean, I'm very cheery right? Rigel says it's because I'm very quiet and my hair is styled all emo..."I look the part" *sigh* whatever XD

I have a load of homework to do, but I don't get it (is math stupid) I just open the book and then close it because it looks to hard XD I don't even bother to read the question lol

I've noticed that my posts have gotten pretty short...is this okay with you guys? Or do you like long posts?


Last night, I was crying just a bit, because of James, I was listening to a bunch of me music to help me cope...it works kinda ^^; cause most of my songs are all f-up and some of them are love songs so...yeah.

Does anyone here like The Used? I feel so lonely XD am I the only one?

Or Bullet for my Valentine?

It's like no one has ever heard of the stuff I listen to...

Anyway, bye you guys.


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