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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I get got back from China Town, and I'm so fucking pissed (I'm gonna be blunt and swear all I want...apologize in advance)

it was suppose to be four friends of mine, and me.

But for some reason, someone invited these two idiots (I'm not angry about the extra people, I mean that's fine but it's just that the two people who decided to tag along are fucking druggies and sex addicts)

Who the hell am I talking about?
Why, James best friend who has a crush on me and this guy I knew since grade school...

We spent the day listening to them talk about how, when they don't smoke it up they do really bad in school. The little mention of any type of drug the two of them are like "What? Drugs drugs" wtf?

One of the other guys (the one I knew since grade school) is a fucking sex addict, I felt so uncomfortable around them...after having Bubble tea with them (well, they taste tested everything)

we watched them do tricks on there skateboard (I'm fine with that)

my friend Anne didn't feel really "great" around them either, so we took off for a little walk and started taking about them ...I know very mean of us.

Now, the part that really gets me is, the guy who has a crush on me is a fucking druggie! Do you think I can trust that?!

And you know what? James doesn't come to my school anymore, cause he has been failing a lot so he goes to options now...with a bunch of my other friends....

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