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Saturday, September 15, 2007

私は誰かが抱き締めることを必要とする ♥

Thanks for the comments, (I really have to learn how to post earler eh?...I only got two comments xD )

Anyway, how is everyone doing?
I'm feeling worried nervous stupid...okay, well that was my mood yesterday on Facebook xD but I'm always a little off the edge.

Anyway, I'll tell you guys about yesterday, I woke up kind of late because I was up till 1:00am and didn't fall a sleep till 2:00am

So I woke up late, and didn't have enough time to eat breakfast ^^; so I left late and forgot my lunch money Dx

Anyway, so when I got to the metro, I got off at Villa Maria, exited the metro and began walking down hill to school (there is not stupid bus to get me there *is sad*)

So there I am walking to school, worried enough as it is, until I hear a fucking skate board coming my way (so in my head, I'm like Holy Shit don't let it be who I think it is) and you know what, lady luck wasn't by my side that day.

So there he is, making a point to skate board right next to me (I mean really close! You could like poke me if you wanted to) go down a little, and then walk really slow like (I' mjust hoping he's walking slow because it's the morning and he's tired) Anyway, Quan is behind me, and were walking to school together talking about Kathy (My friend who is HILARIOUS, she always makes me laugh).

Quan told me that he was trying to "catch up with this guy" *points to Saigen* <---James' best friend.

Me:....Oh ^^;

Anyway, to make a horrible day short, everywhere I went I wanted to die...because he would just pop up randomly. I wanted to see more of James, but I just can't find him that much anymore, so I don't talk to him as much anymore TT.TT

He looked all bad ass on Thurday with his hoodie, I missed him, but my friend said that he looked hot (even for her,cause she has different taste)

So now, it's the weekend, a friend from Australia on deviantart is going to have a Poke battle with me today, but since the time zones are all diffrent it was kind of hard to come up with a set time ^^;

Not much else to say.
So Take Care you guys.

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