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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Any Idea's you guys?
Hey everyone!
Thanks for your comments yesterday, sorry I couldn't visit everyone the other day, and LeKun sorry for the random commemt, I was soooo tired! I didn't have time/energy to read it xD

I had no math today, so no crazy amounts of homework ^.^; but unfourtunatly I have her tomorrow.

I need your help you guys, my deviantART has been lacking in deviants, so I need suggestions. Also, request are open so if anyone wants me to draw them something just ask! The only thing I have in mind right now is my new ID because I'm 15 now.

I'll make a pixel one maybe...

But requests! Please >w<

I noticed a lot of you don't know what FaceBook is, it's a place where you post pictures of your self and friends and you add friends and whatnot, it's actually VERY addictive >/\<

I also made another Xanga account xD but enough of that. I need a new layout for this place D: any suggestions (yes, I'm sucking the help right out of you ;D )


I'm tired x3
I'll go now,okies.

Take Care

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