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Monday, September 10, 2007

And She's Back!
Hello my dears,
Sorry Iv'e been gone so long *hugs* Iv'e just been in a little bit of a rut (explaining the random Korean) I was angry for about a month and whatnot, parents fighting, I feel akward around my mother now because...yeah, something she said, very personal.

So how are you guys? Good I hope, yes?
Angel Zakuro! Holy Sh*t! I'm so sorry! I did not forget about your layout at all sweetie! I'm so sorry! You've been so patient waiting for it (like over a month) I deserve a smack >u<

I'll e-mail it to you tomorrow! I'm so sorry!

Anyway, my Math teacher is a scary scary person >.> good God, everyday, like 10 pages min of homework. On the first day of school I had, p.227 #19-21, 27, 31, 32, 36, P.233 #1-5, 7, 13...and we get homework like this or more EVERYDAY.

I'm so afraid not to do homework for her, cause this one guy didn't and she gave him a detention till 5:00pm O_o my friend was 5 seconds late for class and she got a detention.

So, today I have 10 pages in my workbook, I have Quadratic Functions in my workbook..wtf?
I'm Sec. 3...and I got some Sec.4 and Sec.5 BS in here xD (Stupid Reform)

I got FaceBook today >w< but I didn't post anything yet-

Ummmmmmm....I love you guys xD did you know that?
I don't know what to say, uh, oh yeah! In POP (personal oreintation project)I took a personality quiz...I sound so emo xD

Anyway, bye!
I love you guys <33

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