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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Aie! Gosh I'm really sorry everyone,
How long have I been gone? A few days? Weeks? A month maybe?
Sorry about that, my internet provider is being stupid so my father is going to look for a new one ( something about the billing not being made, he fills out the info to pay and it goes through, but then a few days later it says it hasn't payed. On and Off...weird, he even called them, but nothing)

So, alot has happened during my absence, my 15th bitrthday was on August 3rd, I really wish i could of updated, because I was feeling really depressed, so much so, that I was crying...
I won't get into the details, because I'll feel bad again, and this post won't end *laughs*

Afterwards, on August 4-5th I went to Otakuthon, I was disapointed...it has so much potential as an anime convention but yet I was bored out of my mind! You would think that being in a place stuffed full with anime and whatnot I would be happy and have the time of my life? But no, it seems as though it were the other way around -_- I'll give it a chane next year, it has a lot of potential, it really does. Maybe it was because I was there only with my older sister rather than with a big group of friends? I don't really have a lot of friends that are into anime, my freinds just think it's cute. Nothing else...so it would be weird for me to go to a con with them, they wouldn't enjoy themselfs, that would just be selfish.

But the only positive thing was I bought this ADORABLE Roxas plushie! He was selling like hot cakes >=3 I wanted Sora but they made him look so oogly T_T (I'll KILL them).

I also got a keyblade key chain for my keys o_O ) *laughs* which sucked all the money out of me xD

I got poor afterwards lol, I came in with $62.00 and left with zip


Admission: $20 (per person for 2 days)

Roxas Plushie: $30.00

Kingdom Key Key Chan: $7.00 (it's shiny and all metal..no colour xD )

Snacks: $5.00 (2 cookies and a drink TT_TT)

I spent $62.00 I probably should of bought more money...but I didn't want to ask my parents

Me: Mommy (yes I call her mommy)

Mom: Yes?

Me: Can I have you know, $130.00 to spend on my anime junkie self?

Mom: *slaps*

Me: Okay ^_^

Besides I would be pushing it, it was the day after my birthday where my dad got me an additional present for my birthday and so did my mom, and plus I ate out at an expensive restuarant someplace ....lets just say I cost them a lot! I'd be riding on a guilt trip if i asked them.

After you heard what I did on my birthday, you might ask why were you so depressed? Well, let me put it simply, somthing always happens, people forget, and I sit there quietly waiting for them to remember keeping my hopes up...this year, I spent half of my day at Mc Donalds (that place is a death trap..I hate there food >.< ) because my little brother and sister wanted too, they played for God only knows how many hours.) Later I went home doing the usual thing I would do at home on a normal day. No birthday wishes from my aunts or uncles not even my mom (until later). I felt like no one cared, so I went to bed and started crying to myslef...dad comes in asks whats wrong, older sister says it my birthday and then everything I said before happens..blah! A load of BS.

I think it's best I forget it all eh?

Lets see, what else happend to me x3

I fainted at a grocery store, lol, I smaked my head against the floor...I was out like a light...I don't really remember what happened, which is werid because usually when I faint I drop but I get up right after my vision clears and I remember..but this time it was weird :p all I remember is that I lost to a bunch of discount peanut butter XD I'll explain the next time I get to post, he hasn't gotten a new internet provider...so I'm at Second Cup with my Itallian Soda >w<

Well, I'll let you guys go now


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