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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good News!

Hey everyone,
Thanks so much for all your comments! I'm glad you liked Yui's music! Some of you are trying to find her now giggle.

Anyway, I was on Deviantart today, to check up on deviants and my journal and what not.

And as of today I have 99 watches! I'm ecstatic right now, I'm aiming for about 120 watches so it's pretty close I think.

I changed my theme again, hope you don't mind...I change to much these days (pffft! These days...always)

Now, in my journal on DA I wrote:

"Guess what everyone? I have a secret twin you has tagged me :D
and she is :iconkeybladewielder: the one on and only amazing twin lol

Anyway, So how are you all? Sorry just curious ^^; I'm kind of angry, this guy Ryan wants me to make him the layout for his Tales site, which I'm fine with. but yet the images he provides me are...really blurry like this one: See image

It's super blurry, and wtf am I suppose to do with that?! *sigh* I really don't want to be mean..but what can I do with that?

So I went out and got my own images and made the layout, and in between me making it for him, he kept on being a total ass!

So demanding, and what not. I don't work good under pressure.

He's a big meanie D:

And this is the final product."

I got a lot of replies on that, but today I had a rather interesting convo with someone about it.


"Why does he want you to delete it?! You did such a great job on it!

Augh, there are times I wanna just aksdjfaklsdfja;slkj Ryan D<."

Me: :giggle: because he said his site is too mediocre xD

DataDrainedShrimp: EXCUSE ME?! :ohnoes:

Oh, I can just maul him right now. Maul him, rip him into pieces with my bare hands, cook his corpse, blend it, and throw it out into the sea for all the fishies D<.

Okay, that was too much 8D.

Okay I'll skip a bit


I'd be grateful if I were him. If I had such a talented web designer and artist such as you design my website (which I'm too shy to ask 8D), I'd, like, PayPal you, bombard you with Sora drawings and thank you with all my heart. You even said you worked your ass off in that layout, and he says delete it?!

*kills Ryan*

D< Motherfucking bastard, that guy.

And, lmfao, you wanna know what he said on Derris Kharlan?

I made a topic on animals, and the question was, "If you were an animal, what would you be and why?"

He said he'd be a lone wolf, so that nobody would have to tell him to shave his scruffy beard. And he even offered us a picture of his scruffy beard. I wanted to flame him for that. But I decided to be nice and not answer xD.

Gah. I greatly dislike Ryan D<.


Yeah, so I though that was nasty xD
I feel like such a meanie, bashing him up like this...Slapped


Anywho, last night I didn't go out to see the fire works, but I sure heard them xD from Old Montreal (Laronde is around there) to my house xD

I regret not going, it sounded good...

Ah! I really want to buy from Cute-Plush the stuff is soo cute >w<

Anywho, toodles!


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