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Saturday, July 21, 2007

DS Lite
Hey everyone!

I got an early birthday present from my dad, it's a Nintendo DS (I'm so full of Sony stuff I need Nintendo), This one but I have no games xD

I just talk to myself on "PICTOCHAT"...so It's boring.

Does anyone have any game suggestions?

I'd be grateful ^_^

Now replying to comments.

Angel Zakuro -You really think my art is that good? Thankies ^_^ but the people on DA intimidate me, and sometimes I get discouraged ._.

Morita is the best! He's so funny! I love him to death, I like that site he made about Hagu-chan, he is hilarious! I only got to watch a few episodes...

Arduous-"You have every reason to be mad. I mean, honestly, if someone requests a layout, at least have the decency to be open minded. Plus, he's doing jack, so he has no right acting all high and mighty. If I was in your shoes, I'll give that Ryan fellow a shitty ass layout to match his manners XD" So true! I should of made his layout oogly xD...

Same thing goes for latias Freak and Lost Child! Thanks for the support you guys!

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