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Friday, July 20, 2007

Can't Think of Title...
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Hey everyone,
So how are you all? Sorry just curious ^^; I'm kind of angry, this guy Ryan wants me to make him the layout for his Tales site, which I'm fine with. but yet the images he provides me are...really blurry like this one: See image

It's super blurry, and wtf am I suppose to do with that?! *sigh* I really don't want to be mean..but what can I do with that?

So I went out and got my own images and made the layout, and in between me making it for him, he kept on being a total ass!

So demanding, and what not. I don't work good under pressure.

Anyway, I was reading Candysores's journal and I can get a free subscription to Deviantart! But...do you guys think I deserve something like that? My art isn't...great ^^;

Latley I've been obsessed with Honey & Clover I think it is hilarious! If you want take a lookie:

I was just thinking is all....

Um, I don't really have much to say so..


Mizuki loves you all <33

[IMPORTANT]: Tokyogrl, has moved her site here if anyone is wondering ^^;

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