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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lots and lots and lots of stuff...


I decided to turn back to the old look of things for my layout, it's some Korean thingy...

Anyway, my parents took my younger brother and sister out to see Canada in the Fireworks competition today. I didn't go because I don't want to see how bad my country does ^^;

Well, thanks for your comment for my last post, it was unfair...sorta..kind of...yeah.

But you both deserve something for your troubles!

So I'm working on Angel Zakuro's layout at the moment. I decided to make Trigunmax a wallpaper because she already has an awesome layout up >w<

Really hope you don't mind...

Speaking about contests, remember that avatar contest I joined, and LeKun worked very hard trying to get me to win?

Well, I won Third not bad I suppose, so I still feel like thanking him..some how...

Although, I think the person that one First place had a Pain-ish avie ^^; I'm not trying to be mean, but I think the one who made the Yuna avie should of one, hands down *nods*

I'm probably not going to get a lot of comments for this post because I'm posting so late -_-; that's the problem with me....

So, I'm super bust at the moment, doing a ton of requests...I made a list:

-Angel Zakuro's Layout
-TrigunMax's Wallpaper
-Request Layout (tales games for Ryan)
-Deviantart Collab
-Devviantart contest submission
-Finish making my graphic site

So, I'm pretty busy ^^;; heh heh.

Also, I'm thinking about going blond? You know what they say "Blond Live Better" or something like that *laughs*

Not completely blond ofcourse but underneath layer..if that ever makes sense...I can't explain it, so I'm very sorry..pictures maybe when I get it done?

I'll wipe out my face but whatever xD

So time is ticking and I must go



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