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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Current Mood: Happy/Tired
Currently Watching: My Older Sister Play Resident Evil 4 (it's funny)
Currently Wanting: Some Good Shows to come on TV

Hello everyone,
Thanks for all the comments yesterday *Hugs* I really appreciated it, thanks!

I decided not to keep that layout, and found this lovely one you see before you. What do you think of it? I like it, I like the colours *Giggles* It's from Tsubasa, truth be told I have never watch the anime.

Did anyone watch Live Earth a while back? I sat on my ass on that couch for a good few hours listening to music xD (no life) but then I got bored and went out with my friends.

But I am trying to become more environmentally friendly ^_^ anyone else? If not shame on you EARTH KILLERS =O lol just kidding, but if you are good for you!

Um, what else? My Birthday is coming up pretty soon... like in August xD

I'll be making a deviant for it so what do you purpose I draw?

Because I am completely brain dead at the moment @_@ ha ha!

Well, to finish off this incredibly boring post, here are some questions:

1. Which is your favorite Holiday?

2. What colour are your eyes?

3. Do you have any siblings?

4. (I think I asked this before but I forgot srry) What job do you see your self doing in the future?

5. Hi, how are you xDDD

I'm sorry for boring you to death my loves xDDD


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