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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Akirichan.net has accepted my submission! I now have a new subdomain with her, she's the sweetest little thing. So I'll have to get working on the layout for that sooner or later.

Anyway, in terms of 'family' things have been rather rough. My parents have been arguing with each other, ignoring each other for God only knows how long. My dad talks about getting a lawyer and whatnot...

It's really...

Whatever, at least they began to talk to each other today.

Now, on a brighter note, YOUR COMMENTS

I loved them all ^^

LeKun: "Global Warming. I blame it on NY. =_= Even though I live here, it's the most polluted place I know of. A shameless place it is.."

lol, I've never been to New York *le gasp* so I can't really say anything. My sister went though, she says it smells funny xD

Arduous: "I'm so envious of your artwork. Photoshop is waayy too complicated for me. I'll just stick with old school."

Gwaa~ I love you <33 I'm not that great though, there are so many other amazing artist on there that surpass my skills greatly O_O

miko by dark: "global warming..tsk tsk pretty soon the world will all be under water and THEN the government will be like "we should something about this!...tomorrow" >.>"

That's funny, that's probably what going to end up happening lol

Angel Zakuro: "Enjoy the annual L'international des Feux. ^_^ I don't quite remember what it was though...something with fireworks? I know I asked last year (yeah, can you believe it? We've been friends that long! *hugs*), but now I forget!

Yeah, it's fire works :D I can't believe we've known each other for that long, it's amazing ^__^

The Jazz Festival has already started here in Montreal, it's supposedly really good, that people from other countries fly in to come see it O.o?

Ah, well xD

Take Care


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