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Thursday, June 21, 2007

See you Later Taters!

Hey everyone,
I guess you can say that my last post may well be my "last post". I feel like retiring from 'lil old MyOtaku. But not forever--that I hope. I'll still be here, but not so often, even with the summer ahead I understand that this might not make the best of sense but I am leaving for the time being. I will be back, because I love you guys to pieces!
But---unfortunately, I must say my good-bye's for it will be like this as long as I feel...uh *blushes* I'm sorry!
So, I might just pop in once in a while to update, like on times of my birthday...but I can't promise I'll be here often. But I cannot promise you that I will comment on others, and I-I'm sorry!

If you'd like to find me, I've occupied myself on DeviantART My journal over there will be updated more. Also on my Xanga (because it hasn't has a lot of attention for months *giggle*) which is Here.

B-but, to keep this most less dramatic, I'll tell you what my brother did for my yesterday. It was the sweetest thing, my mother went to go pick him up after school. Oliver (my little brother) comes running in upstairs to my room and shows me a picture her drew. He said "Look, it's Kingdom Hearts!" he also said he drew it to make me happy ^///^ what a sweetie~

His speech therapist said that he is dislecsic (sp?), and I begin to feel horrible...he also is changing schools ....again. Poor thing >.<

Um, I'm making a site again *giggle snort* <---O_o?
But I think I'll be able to keep it, it's a Kingdom Hearts Fan listing (Or something around thoes lines)...it's simple and easy to manage...I applied to be hosted by Akirichan so Iíll know soon if I'll make the site.
So if anyone wants to join...*Hint*

I haven't seen James for *counts on fingers* 1 week! I'm missing him so much =__= and I haven't gotten a picture yet...apparently my friend lost her cell phone so I can't have it...*sigh*

Anyway, *blushes* I'll live...

So, a friend of mine on Deviantart is in need of a ton of Moral Support, her dog is dying...she says she (the dog) is so weak that she can't even get up to drink water, it's horrible! I suggest that anyone who has a DA account should visit her and lend her some moral support, here is her DA:


She's an extremely nice person and an amazing artist!

On the weekend I'm going to see a movie with a bunch of my old friends from my old school. So, I figure that it would be nice to spend some quality time with them~

Now! Out of random-ness....

I can't speak English very well! It's true >w<;;

I was saying something to my sister, I think it was "because you do not find him." or some crazy-ness...I don't know, but she started to laugh at moi T__T I figure, because I live in Quebec, the poor English is rubbing off on me.

So that's my excuse....


Well, I'll let you guys go....

Good Bye~


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