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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

[Current Mood]: Frustrated
[Currently Listening to]: The Rain falling...it's calming, i wonder why I'm still frustrated

Hey everyone,

Thank you all for your wonderful comments the other day, I loved reading them all!

Ah, I received more questions, oh, how I love 'em!
So I'm gonna go ahead and answer them.

"who's your favorite character in Tales of Symphonia, (Or just one you really like) and why?
..I hope that's not too hard ^^;"

-Well, thanks for asking, it isn't too hard ^^; I would say Sheena Fujibayashi. Why? Because she resembles me in a lot of different ways, thus my name on Mizuho.

"How did you get your awesome layout making skills?"

-Um, I....ate three magical beans and ta da ^^; I'm not that great.

"Huurmmm. Questions eh? What are you planning to do this summer?"

That- I do not know, sorry..but I have no idea O_O

By the way Arduous, you should feel guilty, I barely visit you or anyone else....so...yeah...sorry to you and everyone else!

Well, I started playing MapleStory, but I'm such a n00b it's not even funny -_-; I'm like level 12 Archer person... but the people there are nice, I got of 400 arrows from them in a trade.

My friend "Ritsuka" also has started, but she's even more n00b-ish than I am (don't tell her I said that) she's level 8...but whatever, we'll suck together xD

My little sister is having her graduation today, she's going to Grade 1 next year =D M parents left me alone here at home, cause they want me to look after the house.

Um, what else???
I guess nothing....no, wait! There is something ^^; I closed elusive-designs, I just can't handle a graphic site..sorry TrigunMax...


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