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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Current Mood]: Satisfied
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Kya! Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I finally got around to reading them, after I made my new layout [Blushes & Smiles] it's a little...um, pink but whatever [Laughs] I'm finally in a semi-good mood today!

In my spare time, I will visit everyone, and work on my design site here. It's currently on hiatus because I'm making a new layout. (Does anyone know if freewebs supports PHP like cutenews?)

My little sister is a bad girl today >:3 she faked sick so she could stay home today, what a bad little girl ha ha! My father was suspicious of her this morning and wanted her to go to school today with my little brother, but my mother fell for her, so she's here at home. When my parents left earlier today, she started screaming while playing video games...she sure is "sick" eh?

I never did that when I was a child, I'd be too afraid. I'd never pull something like that now even more, because my dad is a doctor xD soo that would be stupid on my part.

I want to get it over with an d answer your questions, so here I go:

1)Angel Zakuro
"Would you...accept a kiss from me? *laugh* ^_^"

-Um, on the cheek maybe xD

"Um.. what's your favorite ice cream flavor? :)"

-That is really hard for me to say at the moment, but for now I'd have to say some kind of Orange Sherbet (sp?)

"Whats your favorite movie??"

-Ah! Another hard question D: what is it with you people *laughs* um, it's not my favorite movie but it's one of them. Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas would be one.

"Who is your fav anime crush?"

-Um, ^///^ can I say Sora? I mean there is a Kingdom Hearts Manga after all...but if it has to be restricted to anime, I'd say.....um, Kira Yamato.

"Why are you so pessimistic? (Haha. Although, I should kind of be asking myself that question.)"

-That, I cannot even begin to answer *begins*
I wouldn't say that I'm pessimistic, I try to keep a positive look out in life but...I just get depressed with things that I'd rather not discuss for it would ruin my good mood right now :] I hope that's okay with you.

Well, thoes were all the questions I got. I fyou have a question for me today, feel more than free to ask away (it's fun :D )

Um, my life is boring....I have nothing else to say, sorry ^^;

Take Care

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