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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Current Mood: Angry/Depressed
Currently Listening to: Bullet for my Valentine-All the things I hate revolve around me

Hey, you guys
I'm in a sorta bad mood today, sorry [Laughs]
My father...well, my father, he gets me so depressed. Today is my little brother's 8th birthday today...and I kind of feel like I ruined it for him. He's at LaRonde right now, but I was suppose to go with him, but I didn't.

My older sister wasn't going, so I thought that it was unfair and I also didn't want to be the only one going standing there doing nothing and going on rides on my own...that..would just be boring no? So then my father gets all pissed off and starts yelling at me..ugh..must I go on? He just pisses me off.

I just finished crying, and I'm on MSN but no one seems to be online...so It's really boring.
He never considers my feelings...

So...whatever [Rolls Eyes] music really heals the soul, I'm listening to really loud music, and the lyrics fit my mood right now...so that's good.

Well I'll be changing my theme later on today, it will probably end up being something really angry.

They canceled my science exam for Monday and Tuesday, which is both bad--and good.

There giving us a mark based on our past preformence on our exams...I failed fourth term...cause I got lazy and didn't and anything in and I feel depressed a lot so I didn't even bother to even to begin to care about my exams...(bad girl)

I'm sorry you guys...
I'll go now sorry


Here is the KH opening, but in Superb quality:


[EDIT]: Whoo, this style is becoming popular, and it's less painful to put together...I kind of copied Roina and Vicky's style.

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