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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Current Mood: Happy
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Hello everyone!
I'm more or less really happy right now, well, I'm happy because I was really happy yesterday on the last day of school. I was to chicken to skip, it didn't feel right. I had a great last day doubtless, we did no work whatsoever.
First period History we watch a movie, the movie was kind of boring (because I'm kind of sick of seeing talking animal movies, I mean wtf? I'm not nine.) and in homeroom I gave my Korean friends there presents. I got each of them a bottle of paper stars and a stationary notebook with a letter I wrote inside.

In math the ones who didn't finish there math exam completed it, while others, like myself who were already finished passed notes. At lunch I went to the near by park with a couple of friends and went round with a sharpie and signed people's shirts. On my shirt I have a favorite from my friend sara she wrote:

"Sara touched this shirt <3"

Omigosh I love her [Laughs] after lunch I had French, it was for lack of a better word chaotic ^^; the friends who I told about James and I liking him started writing his name all over the to black boards +myself [Blushes] I wanted to kill them xD so my entire class knows about him now...

I'll just skip gym and how my teacher thinks that were special and kept on throwing balls at people's heads x3
But after school, I was outside waiting for one of my friends, and James came out...my friend took her cell phone out and took a picture of him while pretending to dial a number [Laughs] she's going to send that to me.

When I was walking home yesterday, I saw James and his friends in a huge group hanging out in from of the metro, I also saw my friends with his friends there (my friends from my old school) sorry, If it sounds a bit confusing^^; but yeah, so I got hugs from them, I missed them sooo much. I was not only happy to see them, but to know that my friends are friends with his [Gushes] <3333 [Blushes]

Uh, I'm sorry, I said I'd stop ranting on and on about him, didn't I?
Sorry you guys...

How about I ask you guys a question?

I'm going to put up a new layout in about a week or so, what you like to see?

-Gundam SEED
-CG Anime (meaning with no series)
-Anything you would want, it's your site and it reflects your personality???

I'm sorry, again...for talking about him....I'm so very sorry...either talking about him annoys you or how I apologize about it ^^; I'm sorry you guys.

Anyway, today I went out with a group of friends to go eat at a Chinese restaurant.
There was a bit of tension present between the Korean girls and my friend Tatum being all stingy like...it made me feel a little depressed. When everyone went home, I saw this fat dude on his bike, he stared to clear is throat to gain attention, he only stopped when I looked back...he scares me. When ever I go out with my friends/sister he comes along and tries to talk to us, its so creepy >.<

Yayune showed me all the pictures she took of James, most of them he didn't even pose for her xD it was all "I'm taking a picture of a friend but he's totally in the background being all hot like" [Laughs] I already have a picture in my wallet x3

Take Care

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