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Monday, June 4, 2007

Current Mood: On Edge
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Hey everyone!
I'm sorry for te absence, today I finally finished my Math Exam! Took longer than I expected, but it's done now, I'll use tomorrow to look over it.

I'm sorry that I keep on ranting on and on about James, but I promise this will be the last after tomorrow, for a long time x3; I didn't see him at all today, other than in the morning and at the end of the day. However, in the morning when I saw him, my friend kept on elbowing me saying "Hey look! It's James!" "Why don't you go talk to him?!" REALLY LOUD, my face turned into a tomato...and after school he was in the Music room, he had just finished up with his guitar, yeah, and that's about it...My friend is going to get his picture and she's going to give me a copy ^///^ (I feel like a stalker ^^;)

Tomorrow is my last day of school, it should be fun...I hope, my friends want me to skip school with them, I feel kind of bad if i do that though (where is my sense of adventure >D ) So that we could go to China Town for the entire day (China Town gets really boring after an hour or two...) So I'll think about that.

Today in Biology, we watched a documentary on "Body World" an exhibit that shows real corpse as art form and is also educational! It found it kind of disturbing to see how they prepared the bodies, And even children. There one here in Montreal, I might visit but...I don't know xD

Minn and Haylie Yun are leaving to go back to Korea! I'm so depressed, the were really good friends...so I'm going out to buy them a gift later on before they leave, and I'm making them keep a little piece of Canada with them back to Korea xD
Minn is going to America (she's going to New Hampshire) I'm going to miss both of them so much Dx

I'm sorry I don't have much to say....but um, yeah...that's it ^^;

Take Care

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