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Monday, May 28, 2007

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Hello everyone,
Thank you so much for all your comments, I really appriciate it!
Aww, Kelsey, you are too amazing! Soo much better than me [Hugs] so don't you ever say your not good enough [Hugs] your a really great person, with many talents, one of them being able to help people out like no one else can, and that's because you have a very kind and understanding soul. Not everyone is like that, so you should be proud [Hugs]

FalseDelusion to answer a question you asked in my guestbook, unfourtunatly no, the picture in my webcam on DeviantART is not me, it's Kanon from AN Cafe (who is a guy) dosn't he have amazing hair?! I want amazing hair! But no, it has to be strait and layered T_T

Also, I'd like to thank you for your advice on the picture of mine, advice is always welcome, even if it's negative/constructive critisim.

Today we continuted our Math exam, the teacher was reading out a question and then he started writing something on the board whilst laughing...he gave us the steps we had to do to figure out the question! He says “He has never done this before, but he feels that the Ministry of Education hasn't made a fair math exam.” It, kind of made me feel bad, like I was cheating...

Half of the stuff on the Exam, we didn't cover, or just briefly discussed.

Good News! I now have 200 guestbook entries I'm so happy ^_^ so I thank you all who have signed my guestbook! I love you all to bits! I look at other people's guestbook, and some of them have like 56 pages of entires O_O; it kind of scares me.

I'm on my laptop right now, I kind of hate it...it has Windows Vista on it. Vista sucks [Laughs] It is the SLOWEST OPERATIONG SYSTEM EVER! Do you have any idea how long it takes me to even turn on the stupid computer? Let alone open a while without it say (Not Responding) [Cries] and the thing that gets me is, I don't have many programs on this thing. The internet, and windows media player?...that's it.

Oh yes, time to make Mizuki Chan blush! Today at lunch, I went over to the near by park with my friends to have luch. I saw...ugh, I might as well tell you his name, I mean it's not like you know him right?! I saw James, my crush [Blushes]. We walked up to the top of te hill and sat at the benches and ate. His group came up and sat right next to us (at this point I was blushing like crazy xD)

He's so cute~ he's like adorable and cute, and he has such a nice “emo” hair cute ^///^ my friends always try to tell him, so it kind of looks weird. Once they tried pushing me into him...and another time they kept on yelling out his name “James!” “James!” I don't know why I won't approch him. Am I to shy? Or do I not want to be his girlfriend, but only want him as a firend? I confuse myself x]

I gave him a code name...for some reason it's “dog” ha ha! My friend Sora came up with that, she's so crazy! I love her xD Miss Sora Park!

I don't have much else to say, other than apologize that I can't be on to comment everyone.
I'm sorry you guys! You know that right?

-Mizuki ♥

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