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Sunday, May 20, 2007

China Town
[Current Mood]: Sleepy
[It is cuttenly]: Bleh outside

Yesterday, I was at my friends 15th Birthday. We went bowling in these nasty ass shoes and I won second place [giggle]

Then we had food, but her uncle kept on saying he licked everything O_o?

He's weird but cool...I guess xD

Then my friend Tatum and I went to China town alone because Annie wouldn't come (Boo on her jk)

I got a new bag for school, it's Nightmare before Christmas!
I love it~

and I got a key chain for my...keys...

We blew our money ln 5 minutes flat!
I'm poor now xD

But I'm going again tomorrow, I need some stuff...cute things :3 so I'm going to blow next weeks allowance on stuff.

I changed my theme again, I'm sorry >///< I saw this pic and thought it was really cute!

I'm bored and sleepy x3 so go see my art okies? Ha ha sorry!

Akuroku by ~Miizu-Chan on deviantART

Well...yeah, bye [wave]

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