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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Current Mood: Stressed
Is Currently: Typing and studying like mad!
Currently listening: Techno

Ah! Gomen! [Hugs] I was gone again I'm so sorry! Iv'e....been studying so I won't be back for a while yet..soo...take care everyone! I'm really stressed! I'm sorry! [Hugs].

I'm sorry! I just checked the contest but the site is on hiatus so I don't know what's happening [Sweatdrop] but thank you all for the support guys! I love you! Also, a HUGe thanks goes out to LeKun! Your the best! When I get the results I'll have to give you a gift [Smiles.

So yeah, I have to go do my homework and study for Math (Bleh T___T)

Bye! Bye!


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