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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Stuff...just stuff
Mood: Happy
Listening: My mad typing skills
Reading: Kingdom Hearts Manga (vol.1)
Eating: Air =D
Random Quote: "Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses."

Hello minna-san, how is everyone doing? I'm actually quite suprised that I got comments for yesterday's post! I thought that all of you removed me from your friends list a long time ago! You guys are the best[Huggles]!

I luff you to le Kun [Laughs],I loved reading your comments they all made me so happy ^^

Today, was okay, I guess >w< my math teacher is prepping us for the final exams, but I personally think he's a bad teacher, why? Well, for one all he does is talk about what he ate for dinner and sit on his ass and assign random pages in the text book for us to complete for “Homework” although, he never checks it, so no one really gets it done.

My friend Sora (from Korea) thinks that he is a horrible teacher, she always comes to me a complains about him [Giggle Snort] same thing goes for my friend Nigara (from China) there both exchange students. Sora is staying here in Montreal for 5 years (till 1st year CEGEP) and Nigara only until Sec .4 TT_TT she has to go to Toronto for Sec .5 which makes me sad [Pouts].

You know what else makes me sad? My friends Minn and Rachel are going back to Korea this summer! My friend Minn is going to the United States for grade 10 after summer vacation in Korea. I'm going to buy them gifts and I'm going to make sure we take lots of pictures before te year ends!
I'm going to miss them both so much [Crying].

Oh dear, have I been hooked on DeviantART, I have a grand total of 13 deviantions xD I suck! I should bring in more deviations during Summer Vacation eh? I have like, 33 people watching me which also makes me sad.
OMG, it's like I have nothing to talk about with you guys, even after having to be away for like a month O_o?

Well um, I got really depressed in March, my parents started calling me useless and a bunch of sh*t like that, I “failed” math, because apperantly if I get anything under 80% I'm a huge failure! They kept on saying that I was going to drop out or whatever. Pfft, they get my so angry! Like I would ever drop out! I don't know why they always say these things to me, it's like they hate me or something! Am I really that shameful? I really sick and tired of getting slapped in the face with a bunch of self depreciating comments, honestly, I don't know what to think of them anymore. Are they trying to help me? Are they just worried about me? Or do they just...simply...hate me? Ugh, whatever, it's nothing important right ^^;

Now, to pass the time, some random questions!

1)What is your take on life? Why do you think we live and die?
2)What is your favorite Song, and who is your favorite artist?
3)How many languages can you speak fluently, and what are they?
4)Do you hate me :3
5)What is the one thing you want to be good at, but find yourself lacking
Okies, enjoy thoes questions below are my answers kk's?

1)Well, to me it's very unclear, I have yet to find a “true” meaning to life it's self. I often question myslef on this subject, because I really have no idea, my ideas change as time goes by. The way I precive things change to. So, this I cannot answer, I'm sorry ^^;;
2)Oh noes D: i can't say, but at the momment I really like the song “4 words to choke upon” by Bullet for my Valentine
3)2-English and French
4)Um,i can't answer that...I'm me...but do I hate myself? Well, that's another story ;D
5)Math DX I'm horrible at math! I wish I was good at math x]
Well take care everyone [Waves]

[EDIT]: Thank you so much Le Kun for the "advertisment" ( I don't really knwo what to call it) and thanks Shizuka for the vote ^^

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