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Monday, April 30, 2007

Mood: Happy
Listening to: Bullet for my Valentine
Eating: Pokey
Reading: Angels and Demons
I can't believe it either, I convinced my parents to let me back on Myotaku! I'm so happy right now [Hugs] you have no idea how much I missed you guys, I'm just so delighted I can be with you guys again!

While I was in my "absence" (lets just call it that) I got 3 wonderful e-mails from three wonderful friends on myotaku [Smiles], so I thank you guys bunchies for them, thankyou Angel Zakuro, LeKun, and E.n.D.l.E.s.S! Thank you so much [Hugs]

So, what have you guys been up to?
I have finals coming up, I think I told Kelsey about the 6 hour exam I have for math >/\< I hate math!

It's horrile [Laughs] but I'm just so happy to be back ^^

Also, I joined an avatar contest, please vote for Maiyuki which is me >w<

well, i'll try to get back to as many sites as I can.


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