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Friday, March 2, 2007

[Currently Listening]: Harmony-Tales of Symphonia Ending Theme
[Currently Eating]: Sushi (Californian Style)
[Currently Drinking]: Water

I am so sorry for disappearing again [Hugs] I'm a bit busy so I find it really hard to come on as much as I'd like to. But, anyway My whole school board is down due to a "snowstorm" so my March Break starts today [Laughs] but I don't see why they would close it, I mean were only getting 30cm, c'mon that's nothing! I'm used to getting snow up to my waist, and freezing cold burn your face off cold winds, with ice so thick on the sidewalk youíre afraid to walk up and slide down hill! This winter has sucked! And I have a feeling my whole entire break is going to go downhill as well.

First off I have like 3 million projects to do that are due the day I come back from "Break" and I have a Mathís Quiz to study for, other than school issues, I have family issues. Iíve been so angry for the past few weeks; I don't talk to anyone I just stay in my room or go over to my friendsí house instead. I just don't want to have to do with anyone in the house...

But, looking on the positive side, the Thursday after this week I'm going snowboarding for a field trip, I hope I don't break anything [Winces].

Well, anyway, I changed the look of my site for Easter [Smiles] hope you like it! It's a little simple but I think it's...okay.

Now some Questions!!!!

1) You are living in a world with no colour; everything is in black and white...which colour would you Bring Back?

2) You are the last person on Earth, How do you feel?
How would you Survive?

3) What type of people annoy you?

4) What is your Motto that you live by?

5) Kay, this question is sort of a twist of the first one; you live in a world with no Colour and no Sound...which you bring back? Colour or sound?

Heh heh
Take Care

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