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Friday, February 16, 2007

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Hello Everyone,
I owe you all a huge hug! I am so sorry! I wasn't here to wish you guys a Happy Valentines Day, I'm horrible [Hugs] and I'm so sorry[Hugs] I am so terribly sorry, not having enough time is no excuse! I am so sorry...

I also want to thank all those who took the time to send me off a lovely Valentines Card, I truly appreciated it, thank you so much [Hugs] I'll post the links to each of the cards at the end of the this post, they both were really a nice gesture and I really appreciate it!

Now, here is a card I made for everyone here, I really hope you like it! I'll also be sending it off to everyone on my friends list in case they don't get a chance to read this post[Giggles]

Click Here

Well, I don't think I've ever told you? There's this new foreign exchange student from Korea, we have become pretty close friends now...but on the first day she came into my class I flipped out when I heard her name, It's Sora! She's been teaching me a bit of Korean everyday, it's really cool ^_^ and we also have a Chinese exchange student who I made friends pretty quickly with too, she's also teaching me some Chinese, like hen gao xin jian dao no means Nice to meet you. Here is a scan of what she wrote in Chinese, she writes so nice [cries].

So, what I did I do for Valentines day? I had a half day so I went over to my old school and visited a couple of really close friends and got smothered in hugs x_x and I am there grandmother [Laughs] so the next time I visit I'm bringing them home baked cookies strait from the oven [Laughs] I've been telling them that ever since grade seven heh heh, I miss them so much! one of them broke there leg snowboarding o_o so when I saw her i was like "Are you alright? What happened? Are you okay?" xD I pamper my friends [Laughs] It's funny, she broke that very same leg last year too.

Other than that, it was really boring...felt like a typical day at school to be honest. So how was your Valentines day?
I want to hear all about it [Smiles] you can tell me as much as you want, don't be shy [Laughs].

Well that's all for me today...
And here are links to the wonderful cards:

From Angel Kenshin
From Forgotten-Heart
From Angel Zakuro

Take Care

[UPDATE]: Elusive-Designs is on a short Hiatus, but feel free to join my forum board, I already have like 11 registered users from Mizuho....err...Shizuka knows what I'm talking about.

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