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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I missed you!
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Guess whose updating? [Laughs] I missed you guys so much; it feels like forever doesn’t it? Or...that may just be me :p So, how is everyone? Good I hope [Smiles] well it's snowing and its really cold Brrr..>.
Unfortunately I will not be going to California in the summer as planed. my parents got a call last night from my Aunt I was suppose to visit, my uncle had a stroke...and now his walking is a little weird ._. so were not going to visit, were going to give him time to rest up and stuff. Well, I guess there's always next year right?

We were starting the second half of the mid term exams today, I had Math this "morning" I left for the exams that was to start at "9:00am"
Little did I know....the exam begins at 13:00hrs. I feel really silly [Blushes] [Laughs] Stupid me ^^;

Anyway, I changed me theme it features Roxas, Olette, Pence and Hayner from Kingdom Hearts 2 (look at my new avatar).I have this crazy obsession with Kingdom hearts...I mean when you begin to have constant dreams about Kingdom hearts in your sleep....I think there's a big problem O_O;....like....in one of them I had a key blade.....and in another, Sora was Winnie the Pooh...but for some reason it was black and white just like that door thingy in the Castle. (Okay, I will stop creeping you out).

Take Care!

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