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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Angel of Death by:Venom(me,not the band)
The art of balance is silenced
Uncontrollable and free is this
For now I have the sorrow of the sins
Aging neverending when's eternity going to end?

I realize maybe there's just one chance left
For me to get above the water and catch my breath
With the weight of death holding me down
What will appear for me when I hit hell's ground?

Free my broken soul from the chaos
This one favor is all I ask
The angel of death has rose upon me
And don't think my heart will let me break from you yet

Binded in the chains in this unholy demise
An escape from reality no one can believe
Nightmares,I believe them,in this death
This is my last sanctuary

Lay me in my blood
My own puddle of crimson,my unholy demise
Where I had killed myself,trapped in my nightmares
Unwilling to accept the broken wings my master gave me
Satan had known where I was all along

Now that I'm trapped are you happy?
The viper has injected it's venom
Now that I'm tortured are you happy?
The knife cuts through and pleasures death's grin
Now that I'm dead are you happy?

This is the song I wrote.....way earlier this morning.I had another nightmare,so I woke up and wrote it down.It could be a horror game in a way,only it would actually scare the s*** out of you.If you want to put my song on your site,PM me.
P.S:If you put my song on your site,make sure you give credit to me.Put "Swayywa wrote this" or something so they don't get confused.READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO PUT THE SONG ON YOUR SITE!!!!

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