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Friday, August 19, 2005


yay im OFFICIALLY 13!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

   BIRTHDAY AND 8TH GRADE!!!!*dances around*

yay im finally turning 13!^_____^*dances around*2 days from now i shall OFFICIALLY be 13!YAYISHNESS!and tomorrow 'm starting 8th grade.^^dont think that i wont miss u all though.do anything but get THAT idea.but on the bright side IM TURNING 13!FRIDAY!YAY!i wont be able to post any new songs for awhile but i will one day.neway,i gotta go celebrate my last day b4 skool starts,cya l8rzishness!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Piece by piece...another song by yours truly^^

Turn off the lights
Lye awake and just break free
Close your eyes
Let me kiss you goodnight

If only I could see you
This is just another dream
Damn reality
Can't feed the hunger inside me

(damn chorus ><)
Everything drives me mad
I'm breakin apart
Uncontrollable thoughts of you
I'm tearing apart
Piece by piece

Is everything double vision?
Or am I just out?
Damn I've never felt so cold
Heart's bought and sold

Everything's been better
Ever since I met you
Yet I feel so alone
Nothing I feel is ever shown

(damn chorus ><)

You're my angel
You're my bliss
You're my escape away from all this


There's...another one of my songs.Sappy yet original XP And,uh,original yet sappy XP Damn we just can't escape can we?The bad thing is I actually inserted the word 'kiss' in that song*shivers*...I'll be damned XD YES I NEED PUBLICITY!What do you think I post songs on here for?DON'T ANSWER THAT QUESTION!Because in truth,I don't know either.Thank you and goodnight.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Apocalypse by yours truly,Venom^^

Turn your back on everything you know
Change and re-arrange your fate
Be the one-humanoid army of tomorrow
Save your soul before it's too late

The beginning of this end is motioning
And controlling our minds to it's will
If we break fre and turn anew
Our souls wil live on as proposed

(dredded chorus><)
Demons live,
Angels die,
Breathe on me,
Let the rain pour down tonight,
And bleed unto the apocalypse

Same devil,same hell
I'm an angel locked in a cell
Open a door inside of you
And run away into your own world

Fall into a dream of twists and turns
A desperate approach to life
Into the door of heaven
Golden gates on clouds of mist

When we finally find the meaning
Our life turns the tables on us
We sink or float,so sue me for my theories


There's my dark yet very cool song^^2 more comin up dont worry lol GT I hope you're happy now.The song is served.Thank you and goodnight.Yes I need publicity on it so tell me whatcha think oki doki day?Oki doki day!Goodnight and thank you.*vanishes*

P.S:On the Urbz when me(venom vivi) and sephy(sephy ryosucks) were playin,these dudes got drunk and made wierd noises.So beware if you play 'The Urbz:Sims in the City'Thank you for your time.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

so many strange things O.o

sephy came over to my house yesterday right?for supper we went out to Bojangles(REALLY high class...NOT!)...so neways we were in Boj and i let out this HUGE son of a bitch burp.^__^dr.feelgood!so we went outta there and up to the grocery store.me and sephy stayed in the truck while my parents got what ur supposed to get at a grocery store:NO NOT WOOD!food^^!yay!oki doki neways after a few minutes i said "i've never seen so many gay ppl in a parking lot!" not to mention there was this dude with his girlfriend in the car right beside us holding her purse O.O what in the hell?neways guess thats all for now,we just woke up,we're better than u.lol cya lata alligata!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

   im srry

first off,even though i know u all wanted to see that song so much im not posting it.don't ask me questions why,just know im not.in other news,i wrote 2 songs last night.no u dont get to see either of them.im not being mean and making u wait in suspense for the song no.i am feeling a lil' sick.i hope u enjoyed time on this cruise ship.thank u and goodnight.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

hey ppls!

hey!how ya'll doin?im about to fall asleep on a keybard aint that great?im currently writing another song right now and will post it tomorrow.hope u enjoy ur stay at blockbuster.subliminal messages.cya l8rzishness!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

hey im back...and here's Destiny,a new song of mine^^

I know you in your every form
We are close but yet so far
You comfort me just being there
I can feel you everywhere

When I'm scared I say your name
It cheers me up and clears my pain
I see the sun no matter
The storms that bring the dancing rain

I look to the moon in the night sky
I wonder if we see the same side
Everything passes us by
Tonight is just another lonely night

A thought of mine left to linger
It's left unsaid but it means something
You can detect anything I hide
And somehow force me to speak

Sometimes over and over again
You run across my mind
I wonder if my dream means something
Or if it is just a fantasy

We are as close as can possibly be
But oh so far in reality
My heart and soul say what I feel
And they say to meet you is my destiny

I wrote that at the beach...amazingly it has no chorus^^*claps*yay!I wrote that with all my heart,yes...I wrote it eating donuts,no.That would've been nice though.Luxury donuts lol I guess I'll talk to ya'll later*yawns*^__^

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Thursday, August 4, 2005


first of all i wanted to wish sephiroths angel a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!and for one of her birthday presents,i'd like all u good ppl to go to her site and sign her gb(if ya already havent)and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!please and thank u^__^and in other news ill be gone tomorrow.in other words ill be gone 4 days.friday-monday.i think i've made my point.i hope u all have a great time while im gone.please and thank u.what else can i put here?oh yeah,did i mention to GO TO SEPHIROTHS ANGEL'S SITE AND WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY?please and thank u.what about airline food?what is up with that stuff?thank u and goodnight!*bada ching!*cya l8rzishness!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

nothin special

eh...i wrote the song last night but i dont think it sounds too hot.hehehe i think i might re-write it...ya'll would probably think it sounds corny neway >< grrrrr i hate writing songs sometimes.like with love,if u havent experience the feeling,how can u write about it?and the more i try to write about happiness the darker it gets >< im about to burst!i know ya'll dont wanna hear nemore so uh...ill cya l8r.
P.S:visit sephiroths angel and jakk401 if u havent already.buh bye!

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