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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Falling,Fading,Screaming....by Venom(me,not the band)
Nothing can keep me awake
My eyes are dazed
Lonely days,never pays
Untamed nights,gray skylights
Hovering spirits in my sights

How do I sleep?
Save me,I'm knocking,knocking...
It's always the same
Will it ever change?
Help me,I'm falling,fading,screaming...

My fantasy is my final rest
Is this a test?
Objects rise,slowly fall
Blood spreads,death freezes all
I'll say goodbye to my existence
I never existed

How do I wake?
Save me,I'm dying,dying...
It has now changed
Will it ever be the same?
Help me,I'm falling,fading,screaming...

My newest song,how I feel about everything and how I will let it out from now on.If you don't like it,piss off because this is just the way I can kill myself without actually doing it.Stick got caught smoking pot and he lives with his dad now,almost got arrested and can't come to my house anymore.I'm so pissed/depressed...and if I ever see him again I'll beat the living shit out of him.Bye...
P.S:If you want to put the song on your site PM me...thank you and welcome...

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

songs,random shit,and beer^^
oki doki,to start out with,here is mine and sephy's version of the beginning to jingle bells:
dashing down a hill
on a broken waterski
o'er the flames we go
britney spears smokes weed HAHAHA!
come out on the lake
my spirits really low
i just crashed into a rock

how is it?tell me now,tell me now!
*goes into beavis voice*hehahehe like voices started talking to me,and they told me to get a paper,rip it up,and then roll it into a cone*laughs maniacally*then,then...hehahehe stick it into a horseflies butt,and it'll go up and up and up,and collapse from exhaustion*hyperventalating*and then it'll fall down!*laughs maniacally and passes out*
P.S:if you're asking "WHAT THE HELL?O.O" then there's only one answer:i got high off of my powerade(yes,powerade can make you high if you chug it)got it?thank you....I'M NOT PAYING ONE CENT FOR TRIBUTE!*passes out again*

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Monday, February 13, 2006

woo!heck yayes we are,all i hafta do today is play grand theft auto and dynasty warriors 5!maybe ill throw some soul calibur 3 in there if i feel like it...my mom did my nails yesterday and they look friggin awesomelacious!there shiny,sparkley,and white-ish all at the same time!^^heehee!jake and jack are playing spiderman and bret's in here with me listening and dancing to music!oh jake and jack just got in a fight(again) so i gotta go break 'em up cyaz l8az!
P.S:join neopets mon it ish awesomelacious!my account is elchromecamaros or you can look up my pet,her name is electra_aurora cyaz!(look up seph's too her's is fallenninjagrl or her pets name is fallenuntodarkness cyaz forz realz thisz timez!)

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Sunday, February 5, 2006

today's the superbowl baby!woohoo!im so pumped man,i lurve da superbowl!the steelers are gonna kick ASS!i repeat the STEELERS ARE GONNA KICK MAJOR ASS!oh yeah,go to my cousins site,skulli2!SKULLI2!go to her site now,beavis and butthead say too,NOW!hot wings and beer^^superbowl!*spazzes out*O.O ^_____________^

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   life sucks monkey balls >:C
hiyaz wassup peopliciouses?im currently listenin to tipsy(lemme guess,you thought i was just a skull bashing metalhead that had no idea what rap was?well guess what?i lurve dis song!lol)by J-Kwon...i lurve dancing!man i haven't been on here in so long O.O haven't talked to Tetra or Antonio either :C it sucks big monkey balls not talkin to friends ya know?oh yeah,guess what?my friend that i call Stick(his name's really Jacob,and he lives in Tennessee) stole some cigs from my aunt Carole and smoked some with his friend,then he admitted to it and ran away from the house.they caught him after 4 hours right?so now he can't go to my aunts now and most likely not my house either*cries* HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?im so mad at him right now its not funny...if i ever see him again im gonna smack the shit outta him!Seph and Kit-kat are pissed off at Tetra,i'm pissed off at Stick,and i'm depressed on top of it all*rolls eyes*ill stop ranting now so you can get on with your life.cyaz l8az!
~Venom~ or "im-so-innocent-it-ain't-funny.com"

P.S:GOOD NEWS!im in a band now^^we're playing 'Du Hast' by Rammstein for the talent show!im the only girl in the band,and i'm playing the bass too^^woohoo!cyaz l8az forz realz thisz timez!

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

hey ppls!!!!!!!!!!!! i've gots a request or 5 lol.
1: go to sephiroths angel's site
2: go to fatal frame girl's site
3: go to ultima's site
4: go to pink matches site
5: if you like .hack//sign join sephys club.

*puppy dog eyes* pwease? pwetty pwease?

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

hey ppls will you go to sephiroths angel's site and sign her gb? *puppy eyes* pwease? pweety pwease?
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hey ppls. will u go to sephiroths angel's site? please? *puppy eyes* pwease?
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Monday, January 16, 2006

   new song:mundane suicide wrote by of course...me!
nothing is worth anything
giving up is as easy as giving in
trying not to cry won't help
then again crying won't fix it anyhow

anymore i can't unwind,i can't die down this time
try to remind me how you still bind
my hearts in pieces,but nothing matters anymore

i'm so sick of all of this
it's a neverending hell
misery and sorrow connect me to life
at least among the dead i know

can you tell me?
what's life worth if you've nothing to hold onto?
something more to long for?
something you never understood soon is and...
there is nothing more to say
my words shouldn't mean anything to you
i completely understand
but why can't i be the one to comfort you?


is there something?(to hold on to?)
is there anything at all?(that can cure this?)
is there something?(to break my fall?)
is there anything at all?(to break death's kiss?)


P.S:yes this really was Venom posting,and i wrote the song...for reasons and i wouldn't say it was to anyone in particular...ah just forget it.bye.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

hey this is sephs angel NOT angle! just to let u all know i'm going to kitkats house 2morrow so beware or feel sorry for me. shes even innocent. the thing on her site is not as innocent as she plays it to be. now say hello to mr.clob and his good friend mr.socko.
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