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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/11/04:

Result Posted on 06/05/04:

Result Posted on 05/27/04:

[x] Part 1 -- The Basics [x]
What's your name? :::Dany Son
Birthplace :::Thailand
Age :::13
Age you act :::depends on who i'm with and where i'm at
Current location :::St. Pete, FL, USA
Eye color :::dark brown
Hair color :::natural is black, but it's mostly diff shades of dark brown to golden brown
Right, lefty or ambidextrous? :::Righty...hehe cuz i'm always right..PsYYYch!
Zodiac sign? :::Aquarius <--did i spell that right?
Height? :::uhm...last time i checked i was about 5'1"
[x] Part 2 -- Describe... [x]
Your heritage/nationality :::i'm mainly 1/2 Cambodian and 1/2 Vietnamese
Your hair :::uhm..........wavy...kind of.....and....yea...not too long and not too short i guess ^^
Your fears :::too many to say...
Your perfect room :::all i need in it is my computer and a phone!! that's all i ask for!
What you practically do in a day :::Chat...update my otaku...chat....eat...sleep...and daydream...and....sleep some more...i dunno
[x] Part 3 -- What is/are... [x]
Words you overuse :::...sorry...
Phrases you overuse :::[never really thought of that]
Your first thought when you wake up :::need...more...sleep...
Your greatest accomplishment :::not killing myself
Something you want to do :::fly over to a certain place to visit a certain person ^_^
[x] Part 4 -- This or that [x]
Pepsi or Coke :::wah! can't i have both? T_T
McDonald's or Burger Kings :::MickeyD's
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera :::i'll choose 'or' ^_^
Chocolate or vanilla :::CHOCOLATE!!!!
Adidas or Nike :::uhm.....i dunno.....
Black or white :::depends on what i'm gonna wear it with ^_^
Bills or Coins ((Think $$$)) :::Coins are fun to throw with, but i guess i'll choose bills
Burgers or hot dogs :::burgers, but can i get fries with that?
Egypt or France :::will i learn how to 'french' kiss over in France?
Rock or rap :::neither, Trance!!!
[x] Part 5 -- Do you...[x]
Smoke :::no
Cuss :::sometimes, but i know when not to...^^;
Sing well :::*clears throat* wanna hear me try?
Sing in the shower :::no....
Talk to yourself --a lot-- :::Hahaha....of course i do ^_^
Believe in yourself :::yup
Like taking these longass surveys? :::not really...and watch ur mouth!!!
Play an instrument :::yea...a few
Want to go to college? :::yup
Want to get married? :::yea
Want to have children? :::^_^ yea......
Think you're a health freak? :::pshh!!! of course not!
Get along with your parents :::soemtimes
Get along with your siblings? :::when he's lucky
Think you're popular :::i could be, ut i don't focuss on that
[x] Part 6 -- In the past month have you..[x]
Gone out of state :::nope
Drank alchohal :::Shhhhh...^_~...i didn't know what it was ok....
Smoke :::nope
Get high :::nope
Done any drugs :::no...only the ones i've gotten from the doctor
Eaten an entire box of oreos :::puahaha...not the whole thing ^^
Been on stage :::yup
Gone skinny dipping :::nope
Been dumped :::*sighs* yea
Dyed your hair :::yea lots of times
Stolen anything :::no....jus a few hearts ^_^
[x] Part 7 -- Your friends! =D [x]
Craziest :::we're all insane!!!
Loudest :::Wanda A.
Most shy ::: a few of them, but of course not me
Blondest :::oh damn, hah Tiffany Tillery
Smartest :::Me!!!!! oh, well Chieu is smart too...but u know ^_~
Kindest :::hmm.....well they're all nice, but i'm the one who's most willing to help out
Best personality :::me ^_^
Most talented :::hmm...fine fine...Chieu
Best singer :::HAHAHA!!!!!
Most ghetto :::never thought about that, but i think it's Tara
Drama Queen ((or King XP)) :::hehe they all have their moments
Pain in the ass :::Amenda and Linna
The one you just want to strangle to death ((Homer Simpson style)):::haha...we all knwo this one AMENDA P.
Funniest :::me!!!
Best person for advice :::me!! again^^;
Dependable :::*clears throat* me....
Trustworthy :::me....
Druggie :::i dunno..
Most likely to end up in jail :::dunno
Person you've known the longest :::Monica S. and Chieu H. and also Tahirih T
[x] Part 8 -- The Last... [x]
Last dream :::About Dustin S.
Last nightmare :::same thing as my dream since it had its good and bad times
Car ride :::on the way home from my dad's work
Last time you cried :::last night...going down memory lane
Last movie seen :::uhm...i was watching 8 crazy nights over and over last ngiht ^-^
Last movie rented :::8 crazy ngihts, Final Fantasy: the spirits within, and the yu yu hakusho movie
Last book read :::There's a Girl in my Hammerlock
Last word said :::'Go away Sim!!!!'
Last curse word said :::i..can't..remember.....
Last time you laugh :::jus a bit ago
Last phone call :::talking with my mommy
Last CD played :::a burned CD with a few anime songs
Last song you listened to :::Return to Innocense from Enigma
Last annoyance :::from my brother
Last IM :::from Isabel
Last weird encounter :::i dunno....
Last person you hugged :::uhm....i really can't remember that
Last person you yelled at :::my brother
Last time you wore a skirt :::on the last thursday of the school year
Last time you've been evil :::hehe i never took my break from that xD
Sarcastic? :::uhm.....can't remember
Last time you fought with your parents :::uhm...a few days ago, but it was a lil argument with my mom
Last time you wished upon a star :::last night
Played Truth or Dare :::can't remember
Spent quality time alone :::i rarely get my moments, but last ngiht in my room, trying to sleep
[x] Part 9 -- I swear this is the last one! -- Randomness [x]
Are you talking to someone on AIM :::yea, serveral pplz
Do you feel lonely :::i have my moments, but it's not that it bothers me
Ever TP'd someone's house :::haha no
How about egging someone's house :::no
Do you not like dislike not like me? :::oww!! why are u hurting my enormous smart brain like that?!?!!?!?
Ain't Eminem and 50 Cent just fine? :::uhm...........i dunno...
Yo Momma :::uhm...what r u trying to get to with that one?
Ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the person next to you? :::no
What do you think of George Bush? :::Bring Mr. B Back to Me!!!!!! *shakes fist*
Any secret fetishes? :::?
Do you like to wear chains? O_o :::never realli thought of that...but....i don't think so....
How many languages do you speak? :::uhm.....2 and 2 halves haha
Damn.. are your fingers tired? Cause mine sure are! :::well that's what u get...and...to me..not really
Glad this is over? ((Say yes and I'll stalk you =P)) :::haha yes i am, and if u try to stalk me, all i have to say is...NOT UNLESS I STSALK ME FIRST!!!! plus i bet i'm a better stalker ^^;

Bored? ((Over 100 questions)) brought to you by BZOINK!

Result Posted on 05/21/04:
haha! i'm special!

Crayon Box
You are the Crayon Box. You have a multicolor
personality. You mix well with all the other
colors because there's a small part of every
color inside you.

What Color Crayon Are You
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Result Posted on 03/04/04:
hmmm...did they mean "virgo" or did they really mean "virgin"???

You should be dating a Virgo. 23 August - 22 September This mate is known for his/her ability to work with
the helpless, to evoke strong feelings of
empathy and to keep a household strictly
organized. Though the virgin can sometimes be
scathingly critical of others, cranky and
irritable, he/she will seduce their partner
with finesse, charm and subtlety.

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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Result Posted on 03/02/04:
yea i guess it kinda describes me...but didn't include some things...oh well close enough

Violet: You are very intuitive. Spirituality is
something you hold very dear to your heart. You
have an understanding of higher self meaning,
and are very aware of the things in and around
you. Dreams mean a lot to you as they help you
in figuring out your consious self. You have a
very peaceful and kind nature. You probably are
even a little psychic.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!What colour is your spirit?(with great pictures)
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Result Posted on 01/24/04:
hehe..told u i'm smart^_^; but no...u don't believe me till the brainiac comment on this one quiz result and this! haha!

Wisdom Goddess
Goddess of Wisdom. You are very intelligent and
maybe worry too much about your studies. You
love to read.

What Goddess Are You? (Girls) (Pictures)
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Result Posted on 01/24/04:
i'm in a bit of a need to be with someone..i'm a bit alone, but i'm not *that* desperate... :P

you are a shattered heart..longing for the company of another...
...shattered heart

Who Are You From Within? (Anime Images used)
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Result Posted on 01/24/04:
Yeah... I believe that's me! I am a daydreamer, and I do write poems of love (*lovely poems*) and the other stuff seems to be 100% true too!

You represent... hope.
You represent... hope. You're quite a daydreamer and can be a hopeless
romantic. You enjoy being creative and don't
mind being alone at times. You have goals, and
know what you want in life... even if they are
a little far fetched.

What feeling do you represent?
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