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Saturday, July 3, 2004

   If I could draw what I saw in my mind...I'd draw you my heaven....But now, my hands are too stained with tears to draw anything...
Hey guys....I guess a lot happened today, but what I want to say is that I got some doughnuts jus for me and some KFC chicken ^^; But the day wasn't that good. First of all last night was pretty bad after I got off the compi....it was around 11:45pm and my mom was jus arguing with me, and what she tells me dad, lie or the truth, he believes her most of the time and she got my dad to get in it too. Nothing serious, jus that they were talking about my "health" and then why I spend so much time on the computer.

I'm glad I'm not gonna be telling anyone what went through my head last night, but trust me, it was pretty crazy...really stupid things and the voices came back. That whole situation and thinking about it kept me up pretty late. I'm glad they're concerned about my health but...argh >.< the whole thing is jus too hard to explain and I think I'll end it there.

But lucky me I guess, something came up this morning which got my mom happy and she isn't mad at me anymore at the moment, stupid health problems ~_~. Anywayz....gosh she was about to take me to hospital cuz of that lil thing--it wasn't that much of a big deal for me, but if it's something to get them off that subject and leave me alone a bit...I'm happy...yea. And also, last night I decided that over the summer break I'm gonna jus be drawing what I can and if I can get this pic drawn that came to my mind. Jus something for me to do and blow off some steam.

Okie dokie...but I feel sick now....I haven't had a nice night's sleep in...a while. I can't help it, I'd like to go to sleep a bit earlier and all, but every night I finally get some shut-eye either 3 something or around 4 in the morning. It's a great thing I don't have school at the moment or else I'd really be falling asleep in class, but I end up getting a head ache in the middle of the night and then a head ache when I wake up.

Oh, I'm sorry I made you guys read through all of this ^^; I wasn't expecting to type up this much -.-' Well I'll try to close it here. Uhm....well Thanx for reading and buh bye guys! Tomorrow's Independence Day, so happy early 4th of July for those who celebrate it ^^; and guys, take my advice....don't throw fire crackers into a fish tank full of water...it won't defuse I would know ~_~ daddy got bored and thought it'd defuse once it got into the water....we all heard this funny lil ::pop:: noise and all laughed cuz it sounded funny...but then 2 seconds later our fishy tank broke O.O But don't worry, no fishies were in there and it was out in our backyard ^_^ It's gonna be another rainy fourth of July this year though. Too bad we won't make it over to the Pier downtown T_T...I'm too good for those singers anywayz, don't need to see them XD

Thank you guys so much for reading and I'll try to get to as many pags as I can tonight and well...I'll have to find out what's up with Inuyasha and Wolf's Rain. Oh, and something funny...while on our way home from this fireworks place we passed a building that said:

Social Security Association

And then I bursted out with, "Hey, backwards the first letters spell: A.S.S!!!" LMAO!!!! (no I didn't say L..M..A...O..that's jus describing what I did -.-

Ok I think that's all...I hope...(Sorry if most of the post didn't make sense...I can't think straight today, but when do I ever?)...well bye guys! ^_^..OH NO!! Hiccups!! WAHHH!! I don't deserve this!!!!

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Friday, July 2, 2004

Hey Pplz
I don't know why, but today seems different. It seems like a Saturday to me, and I keep thinking it's a Saturday.

Anywayz, not much happening around here. All I'm hoping to accomplish today is making it over pplz's pages and finding out what's wrong with the FreeWebs account thing. I want to uplaod a few things on it, but I don't know what's going on around there.

Other than that, I'm awaiting a reply from Adam, and as usual I'm wondering if my latter made sense 0.o....

Well, I hope everyone's day goes well, have a great weekend guys ^_^!

I'll be back ^_~...

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Thursday, July 1, 2004

Hey guys, how's everyone's day going ^_^ Well, not much happening here. I was suppose to get my hair dyed this nice, really dark purple-ish color yesterday, but with that whole mother daughter situation I kinda jus didn't have the time for it. But I'm hoping to get that done with today so then if it doesn't work out my mom will jus have to fix it Friday. I sound like the color with 'break' my hair with the "fix it" part ^^;..oh well

Also the 4th of July is jus three days away. we still haven't bought any fireworks yet and we haven't even planned anything out yet. But over at the Pier in downtown I heard that there's gonna be these four singers...I can't remember all of their names, but they're all girls...and one of them is gonna be Ashlee Simpson. I don't know the full story on that, but I guess that's pretty cool, doubt I'll be able to go check it out tho.

Ok, pplz here's the main part of this post. Jus to let you know it has nothing to do with what happened yesterday and I've kinda been thinking about this for a while now. But I've decided to turn off my page. But trust me, it could've been worse. Before I had voices in my head telling me that I should jus delete this account and probably make another one to leave the name behind. But now I've decided to jus turn off this page for a while. Please don't get mda though, cuz I know for sure I'll be back.

Hmm...and something to lighten up this post...I actually thought today was Friday ^^; heh....it would've been good if it was though.

But before you leave, please read this. I don't know who the person who wrote this really was, but Izzy had it in her profile and told me to read it. She said she wasn't sure who she got it from, but it was in someone's profile and she jus put it in hers too. It almost made me cry near the end though

A girl and a guy were speeding on a motorcycle over 100 mph on the road

Girl:Slow down!Im scared!

Guy:No this is fun!

Girl:No its not.Please,its scaring me!

Guy:Then tell me that u luv me

Girl:Fine i luv u.Slow down!

Guy:Now give me a BIG hug

*Girl hugs him*

Guy:Can u take my helmet & put it on? Its buggin me.

In the paper the next day,a motorcycle had crashed into a building because of brake failure. Two pplz were on the bike. Only one person survived.The truth is that halfway down the road the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want his girlfriend to know. Instead he had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time, then he had her put on his helmet so that she would live even if it meant that he would die....

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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

   Inhale the air-
Full of toxic
and let it palute your mind

Spread your wings-
these broken wings
And tell me what you need to find.

Open your eyes-
To seek the truth
Then tell me what you see

Turn around-
And look my way.
What do you see in me?

The world is nothing-
But a reality....
my worst fear

How did I leave my dream-
How am I still alive....
What am I doing here?

Everyone turns around-
To look my way,
And sees my body tremble

Filled with nightmares-
Of this reality.
what do these tears resemble?

Hey guys, not much happening around here. Uhm...I can't post much at the moment cuz my computer is...messing up and stuff, but yea...I'll post again later. Bye guys! Oh, and if you don't mind, let me know what you think of the poem ^_^ Thanx for reading!

[EdiT] Okie dokie...remember how I said I might post again later....well this is all I have to say:

I Hate The Woman I call 'Mom'

And I can't wait for the day my parents get divorced and I go away with my daddy!

::sighs:; I won't get into details, and trust me...you don't want me to get into details....Well, thanx for reading, Bye everyone!!!!

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Monday, June 28, 2004

   OMG!! Chick-flick! Hand over the Puffs!
Well last night my cousins were the first to come (jus the girls) around 6:45pm and they stayed over for a while for a quick dinner and then took my brother and I with them to the movies. My cousins and I went and saw 'The Notebook' when my brother went by himself to see 'White Chicks'. I did want to go with my brother and all, but I also wanted to see if the movie my cousins were gonna watch could really get my to cry.

It was a sad love story and all, and I was really able to hear several pplz crying near the end. I would've cried too if I wasn't there with my cousins though T_T

Anywayz.....I'm totally full ~_~ I got out of bed and had my 'breakfast' around 3pm and it was (in order) Cereal, two egg rolls, a bowl of ice cream, and a bowl of noodles. I wonder what's for dinner 0.0

I guess there's nothing else to post about...so I'll end here. Thanx for reading guys and I'll ttyl ^_^

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

   Hey Pplz!
Hey guys! I can't stay long for now, there's a lot of cooking...well not 'a lot' but you know, jus more cooking than usual to do. We're having the family over this evening for dinner and I think a couple of my parents's friends. I've been up since 7:30 this morning shopping with my mom for the ingredients she needed and I guess it'll all be worth it. She's making one of my favorite dishes, but I jus hope she makes it the way I like it and not use any extra stuff ~_~. Also she's planning on making egg rolls too!!!!

Anywayz....uhm I should get back to helping with the cooking. Also I hope you guys really have the time, today's one of my best buddies's Birfday!!!! I'm hoping I have time to send her an E-mail with a pic of me that I took holding up a Happy B-day sign and all, and boy did I look stupid XD I'm also planning to send some pics of the dishes my mommy's cooking cuz then she'll feel bad that she's not here with me to finish off the noodles ^_^

So if it's not too much of a deal, and if you have the time, please go to An1m3 X An93L's Page to wish her a happy 14th Birfday!!! She's also gonna be coming back tomorrow...also with the time zones and all...it leaves me a bit confused on what day it is over there, but I guess it's all good...

And last night I saw this commercial, it had something to do with Courtney Love (spl)...Princess Ai...and Tokyo Pop....I'm not sure about what the whole thing was tho...I'm a bit lost...it was a bit late...maybe I was hearing AND seeing things. LMAO also I got something with bad memory, seriously. I went out to the garage a bit ago and I jus stood in the middle of it....then I was wondering what I was suppose to do....yea..and I still don't know 0.o Plus yesterday while I was online I didn't know I was away on AIM and I finally realizes it when I was checking to see if everyone was off or something or jus away cuz no one was IMing me....yea...Summer also made me slow -.-

Oh no!!! More shopping?!?!...Oh well, it's allllll for the egg rolls....::sighs:: Also I don't think I'll be able to get to any pages today, I'll see what I can do tho. Well I gotta get going BYE!!!

[EdiT] I looked up about the Princess Ai thing and it's what I thought it was. A new manga...It looks pretty cool so if anyone wants to check it out the link is Here

Well...laterz pplz!

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

   Trying to find my way back home from the dark when none of the street lights are on...
Hey Pplz, too much cleaning to do today and jus too much to do. Once again I won't go into complaining about how my day is. But long story short, I envy those who get along well with their mom. And I seriously want a doughnut now and some chocolate. But we jus came back from Publix and I got chocolate ice cream and so many sweets...::drools:: I still didn't get my doughnut tho T_T

I guess that's all for now, I can't think of anything else important to post...so yea. I'll try my best to get to as many pages as I can for today since I keep getting called for to help around the house. I can't believe how stupid the summer vacation has made me too...I wanted to say this phrase in spanish saying I don't like helping around the house but all I can get is 'ayudar en casa'....maybe it'll come to me later -.-

Well, Thanx for reading and I'll ttyl ^_^ Also tomorrow's An1m3's 14th Birthday!!! ::sobs::....and I won't be there to celebrate it with her T_T Oh!! I think I got it 'No me gusta ayudar en casa' is that it? haha oh well....laterz pplz ^^; 2 more days till An1m3 comes back home!

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Friday, June 25, 2004

   Yay! I got to catch it on my 1100th visit! haha....ok no more sugar for me...
I had to redo my post...I was finished with it...but then decided to jus type out a different one. I won't go on with complaining about some stupid things that'll jus get over with after the day is done. But I really do want a doughnut T_T I dunno why, but I woke up this morning, got ready for breakfast....well it was really lunch, and the first thing I said to my dad was 'I want a doughnut' ::sighs::

Also, yesterday an Otaku member IMed me. I knew who he was, as in real life, when he had no clue who I was. First thing I said was 'Gosh I went to pre-k with you, you don't remember me?' and then that didn't work so I had to break it down to little steps.

Me: You know Phillip right?
Me: You know Tahirih right?
Him: Yea
Me: You know that one guy you saw at their house a few times named Sim right?
Him: Yea

And I thought I had bad memory problems!!! And I've told him several times that we went to Pre-k together....but it jus doesn't stay in his head -.- He probably thinks I'm crazy tho....he's kinda late then.

Since I won't be complaining about my day, I'll end here ^^ Thanx for reading guys and I'll ttyl! And two more days till An1m3's Birthday, and three more days till she comes back home ^_^ I'm so excited!!!! Bye!!!

How to make a Sw33tSamurai90

5 parts friendliness

5 parts crazyiness

5 parts empathy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Serve with a slice of lovability and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail
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Thursday, June 24, 2004

   You gotta let it burn....
Oh gosh that phrase is stuck in my head now since one of my cousins kept singing that song when ever I told her 'my eyes burn from the water' or something with burn in it. But now I'm pretty sure that I have sunburn >.< It really hurt last night while I was laying in my back. But it's around my upper back area and my shoulders.....and it really hurts! And that scratch from what ever it was I hit my knee on....a big pain.

::sighs:: I'll live, but now I know not to take sunblock for granted.

Anywayz, not much happening so far and my cousin Davy might be coming over my house tonight. This post will make up for last nights really long post and I'll end here.

Thanx for reading and I'll ttyl! Also, 4 more days until An1m3 comes back!!!! ^_^.....and then after that someone else might be leaving for a long time....-.-

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

   an uneven tan
[WarninG] It's pretty long....

First of all, jus so no one gets confused, here are the pplz who were with us:

Vut: 26 years old, he was the one who planned this and paid for the boat rental
Davy: 24 years old, Vut's younger sister
Kasol: somewhere around 22/23 years old, my 2nd cousin (as in he's not family by blood, but you know what I mean ^^;...I hope)
Chetra: about 21, Kasol's younger brother
Pisay: 17 years old, Kasol's and Chetra's younger sister
Franka: Chetra's girlfriend (dunno for sure, but probably 19/20 years old)
Thyda: About 19/20 years old, oldest of the three cousins from Philly
Bopha: [not sure of age but around 17/18], younger sister of the three cousins from Philly
Sokha: [not sure of age but around 17/18] only brother in the family from Philly
Aunt: Only aunt who came with us, from Philly
Uncle 1: Uncle from Philly
Uncle 2: Chetra's dad
My dad:....my dad...
Sim: My brother
Tane [I think that's what his name is]: about 21/22 years old, one of Chetra's friends

It was sooooo fun today, I won't torture you with everything since it'll be REALLY long. But main thing, first island we went to (a kind of beach/island place) Chetra, Franka, Pisay, Bopha, Tane, my brother and I were left stranded there a bit because the parents were around the area where the boat was parked and we were far, far away from them, and the others had to go and bring back to boat to pick us up. While walking around and swimming waiting for the boat to come, Chetra told us that they might not be able to reach us since they might not be able to bring the boat so close to the shore so he insisted on us walking over to where it was parked. And you should've seen it! The island was pretty big, and we had to walk about 4/5 of the way around it since Vut wanted to go to an area on the beach....and he didn't find out that it was so far away from where we parked till we got there. Well while we were walking to the place where the boat should've been, about half way there we see a boat going the other direction, almost like it was going to the place where we once were before we were separated....but no, we jus kept going (also we tried waving but no one waved back...so we jus thought it was jus another boat--that jus kinda looked the same as ours)

When we finally reached to spot where the boat should've been, it wasn't there! But a bit later a few of us saw a boat that looked like ours on the other side of where we currently were and Franka and I started running over to check it out...I waved like the crazy person I am, and I saw someone wave back. And that someone was Davy ^^; It was kind of hard to get all the others on the boat since we were wet and all, it was a bit hard to get up the ladders.

After that we were on our way back to the Tierra Verde dock (the place where the boats were) to drop off my dad and Chetra's dad so they can go home and get some sleep before they have to go to work...which meant my brother and I had to go too....But we got it all worked out and were able to stay right at the last minute since Davy said she'd watch out for us and take us home. After we got that worked out with, it was time for our second trip, and this time my Aunt decided to come with us (she didn't come the first time because she didn't feel so sure about it)

The second trip was ok since we found this huge area with a good spot to go swimming in. But before we got there, the ride got my Aunt kinda sick--nothing serious though, but then when the boat was still for so long, it kept rocking and I was soooo close to throwing up >.< but like tane told me, 'man up' 0.o scary huh? He said that to lots of others and Thyda and Sokha were a couple who also didn't feel so good--motion sickness! I didn't really feel it much until after the swim when I got on the boat, but while I was swimming I hit my knee on something that was like a log. I couldn't really see it, but a few of my other cousins and Tane hit into it too. Hey at least I got something to remember this day ^^; a nice lil, stinging scratch T_T But it was pretty bad, I couldn't eat much since I was afraid it'd make me vomit ~_~

Then after that we went back to the dock to drop off Thyda and her parents. Bopha was doing better than she was before, and then next thing you know Sokha hops in and says that he'll be ok. This time we were getting ready to go fishing, but we didn't leave the dock before Tane saw this one thing. I'm not sure of what it's called since I didn't really ask, but it's used for tubing. He jus saw it and kinda went crazy in a joyfull kind of way but it was so nice of him since he got it and paid to rent it, it was a bit more fun and everyone but my brother and I was able to do it. I didn't go on since I didn't want to and I wasn't feeling so good, and I'm guessing it's the same thing with my brother...especially the 'not feeling so good' part.

This time there were no adults at all, but 11 crazy pplz and me ^_^ It was ok in the beginning of the 'third trip' since we were able to go fast without wondering if my aunt was ok. But it was really hilarious around this time. We got Kasol's camcorder and he was the one using it in the beginning, and Tane was first to go tubing. It was kinda scary how we got each of the pplz's last words.

::being recorded before Sokha was gonna go on::
Franka: So what are your last words?
Sokha: No matter what them pplz say, I still want a Celica!!! (spl)
::gets back from his turn::
Vut: So how do you feel now?
Sokha: I still want a Celica.

At that point there was a lot of mooning and nasty stuff going on. But I don't want anyone to get sick from reading it. Nothing Rated 'R' or anything, but when I say 'nasty' I mean sick-nasty XP But the thing was that Sokha was first to throw up....then a few minutes later, my brother....then Sokha....then my brother...and then Sokha again. But I was still taking deep breaths and trying to not feel too dizzy and all, didn't want to make a scene. And of course they leaned over the edge of the boat so the boat itself didn't get messy.

Hmmm...I think I should stop here ^^; I'm sorry it got so long, but jus be glad I didn't get to a few other things. That would've been scary. Vut said that he's really gonna do this again soon while we're still out of school this summer, jus as long as he has the time for it. It was a really great time for everyone to bond together....uhm....yeah ^^; But Tane was really nice and at the end while we were waiting at this table for everyone to get ready, Tane came back with this brown bag (I seriously thoght it was a bottle of beer or something in it) But it was 12 of these Twix ice cream bars. Seriously, if you saw him you'd probably be a bit scared of him, but he's really nice.....it was jus kinda idiotic that he was saying 'You damn Viet' to Franka when he was half...0.o...yea...

AHH!! Too long, too long!!! Please forgive me, and I thank you so much to those who actually got through this whole post. I really should stop here -.- well I'll talk to everyone later! Thanx for reading, and yesterday I didn't have much time on the computer, I ddin't put up a message letting you guys know since I was sure I was gonna get back on later....but I never had enough time. Once again, thanx for reading! Bye!!!

Also I'm not sure since I never really had it before, but I think I got sunburn >.< jus on my back around my shoulder blade area...haha and you can see a good tan line of my tank top and bathing suit top. It really stands out XD..ok I'm leaving, I'm leavin....bye guys! Thanx for reading ^_^

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