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Sunday, May 1, 2005

Dawn of a fallen hill
Darkness claims the souls of the dead
The light fades inthe the gloom
Doom floats on the scent;ess air,
Blowing thought the battle, filling the field
The night swallows all hope of the light.
The battle sounds roll throught the hills.
The clash of weapons rebounds from the sky.
Darkness flies in,
On wings of black flame,
Claiming all that is hers.
Leaving none behind that hasn't recived their fate.
She dives in,
Sword shining with the dark.
Flashes of the battle returning now.
Death and blood are all that remains.
The souls of the fallen have all vanished.
IN the black of night.
All that remains no is the living death
She walks slowly back to the darkness,
To await the next life to begin again.
A cycle of destruction to break.
Never to be broken.
The light returns to look apon blood and bodies.
Never to awake from the night.

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