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Monday, November 28, 2005

Hi again
Yeah, I had a lot of school work so I haven't been able to update or go on otaku lately... I'm actually supposed to be working on an essay and a CTP project now, and their both due tomorrow... But I have writers block, why? because my English teacher gave us the most irritating, irking, abysmal, unimaginative, annoying and tedious essay topic he could find. Seriously, every single essay we've had this year has been so, so ARG! The fact that I can't understand his writing probably has something to do with that...
Oh well, only a few more months and I will be FREE! From that teacher anyways... *sigh*
Anyways today hasn't been that bad but it hasn't been a good day either... I had a substitute for English today so I don't know whether my essay is due tomorrow or on Thursday, then I had a pop quiz in math and my science teacher wasn't here today. History was ok we were watching a movie called 'Swing Kids'. But! Today was good because I thought I offended this guy because I kind of told him he looks like Lucius from Fire Emblem, only you know, without the robe and with shorter hair. Anyways I thought I offended him because he wasn't talking to me for a while but he's talking to me again so yay! ^-^
Anyways I have to go do my homework now... I REALLY need to stop procrastinating...
~Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs harder.~

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