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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hi again
Sorry about not posting for while. Eh heh well, you see school and life interfered... in other words i couldn't post unless i wanted to get less then 6-7 hours of sleep...
Anyways today was pretty good. In english we saw our marks, less than half my homeroom class is at or above the provincial average... I'm guessing it's the fact that no one really understands the teacher, I mean SERIOUSLY! I wrote an essay about child abuse and i lost about three points because i didn't put in any personal examples... When i saw what he wrote down i was just like '...whoa my reacher is reeeeeeaaaaally strange...' I mean even if i did have personal examples if i put them down he would probably call CPS and then yeah... Even stranger, another person wrote an essay about adultery and the same thing happened to her I basically thought. 'Yeah excuse me buddy, but i don't think you want to know about your students... personal lives...' I stopped my train of thought there because 1) no, just no, I refuse to go into that and 2)I do NOT want to know about anyone's personal lives. Well anyways just like clockwork at around 8:45 the teacher left the classroom and didn't come back for about 15 minutes. Well everyone was talking again. Well anyways I always talk with these two people who sit next to me anyways a few days ago the guy and the girl we'll call the guy'A' and the girl 'C' well anyways the guy was poking was poking C in the stomach and she was complaining that there would be a bruise there. Then he said that he had more bruises that she did. She claimed she had more damage because her bruises were bigger and then he said 'no, i have so many more bruises than you do, do you want to see my body?' well any ways i hadn't been paying attention so when i turn around to ask C something and I end up turning around just in time to hear him say 'do you want to see my body?' I just start laughing hysterically. Then the guy ends up panicking and well this is basically what happened:
Me: *laughing hysterically*
A: no wait i didn't mean it that way, i oh you know what i meant
Me: *still laughing*
C: you know she's going to hold that statement against you for the longest time
A: ARG! you know what i meant
Me: *trying not to luagh* I *laugh* know that but it*laughing* still sounded so funny*starts laughing again*
C: hey Faye when ever we she A in the halls we should be like 'do you want to see my body?'
A: If you do that i swear i will turn the statement against you!
Me: *laughing* no, no I'd rather avoid saying something like that if at all possible.
So that's what happened
History, well we had a subsitute so we didn't have to present but that probably means that the teachers father isn't doing so well.. he has cancer and apparently he wasn't doing too well. I won't say anything else because it isn't my place to say anything.
Math well there are two signs on the door... a neon pink sign saying 'PLAY CHESS!' and right below it a neon green sign saying 'PLAY GO!'. Ouch... I have no snese when it comes to fashion but i do know that you never put to neon colours together because it hurts peoples eyes... but the school has a Go club YAY! i can finally learn how to play, i've been wanting to learn ever scince they put Hikaru no Go in Shonen Jump.
Science nothing really happened. We did a lab with acids, bases and indicators. Nothing really interesting happened.
So yeah noting much happened oday.
~ A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.~Oscar Wilde

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