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Thursday, October 27, 2005

hi again!^-^
Nothing much happened today, in english the theacher assigned a play and i have to find a book for monday with a theme... OH! I can do 'The Picture Of Dorian Grey' by Oscar Wilde!^-^ and he can't complain because it's a classic! YAY! well anywasy he assigned a skit it has to be ten minutes and my group doesn't have a topic yet >.>;; ah well, it was kind of funny because we don't even have to ask it's just agreed upon, the three people who sit beside me on the left and I are always a group, if it's a presentation for a group of four.

History is fun because we're doing the twenties and i can talk to Tiffany about anime when there's time.

Sience was really boring because we're doing chemical balancing and it's really tedious and confusing at the same time... Or that might just be lack of sleep...

As for math, well it's just plain scary... mostly because of the teacher but I digress... All in all a pretty boring day.

~Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.--Albert Einstein~

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

hello again
I had a pretty good day today until math class, you see my math teacher is having some very drastic mood swings... She goes from happy to angry to calm to extremly angery, as in breaking objects angry, she ended up breaking a meer stick... No seriously she hit the meter stick against the shelf thing that hold the chalk infront of the chalk board and it broke in half. Well anyways she was REALLY angry today, as in 'piss me off and die scumbag' angry. Well anways I almost started laughing at her in the middle of her lecture, you see and one who has seen the Naruto dubb knows about Naruto saying 'Believe it!' every five lines or at least once every episode... Well anyways here's what happened...
Teacher: blah blah blah don't think I'll forget what happened blah blah blah you think i'll do any favors for this class? forget it blah blah blah believe it!
Class: *jumps when she yell 'believe it!'
Teacher: blah blah the class that blah blah blah now do page 307 #4 blah blah blah if you don't show your work i'll throw you homework in the garbage blah blah blah Believe it!
me: *trying very hard not to laugh*
Teacher: *glares at class turns around and begins to explain something*
~the diffrence between genius ad stupidity is that genius has it's limits~

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Monday, October 24, 2005

hi again,
Oooowww... My back is really hurting right now, you see i haven't really excersied alot for a while... anyways this morning my uncle lost the keys to his car, I don't know how to ride the bus and i obviously couldn't just miss a day without a reason so, i had the 'brillient'(I'm being sarcastic...) idea of walking to school. Now that wouldn't have been too much of a problem only i had my giant math ans science textbooks in my backpack, along with all my binders, plus i didn't get enough sleep the night before. Ok so I'm walking, walking,walking and then my bag just randomly unzips, well i didn't notice and kept walking then fianlly i noticed the weigh seemed wrong so i put it down and fix it. Well then i finally get to the first traffic light and i didn't notice the light was green, so i start across, about half way across the street I just hear this loooong bbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp and i realize i'm walking across the wrong street at the wrong time so i sprit back over to the side walk, and this didn't happen just ONCE! this happened THREE times! my excuse, 1) I was half asleep... and 2) I don't get out of the house enough. Okay so then i'm finally near school, my back is aching, my shoes are soaked through and I'm exhausted, I was walking for more than fourty minutes and i really wasn't looking forward to homeroom with the evil english teacher... When this car slows down beside me, well you know with all those stories on the news, I'm just getting ready to run like the ground is about to open up and swallow me whole but i realize it's my uncle, so i'm basically right in front of the school when he shows up, turns out the keys were actuall in a jacket THE WHOLE TIME! yeah, it's kind of sad, i mean it was in a jacket? it wasn't half way across town? no it just had to be in the jacket... *sigh* anyways I have to go now I need to study for a science test and the cat is trying to reach the keyboard and type, so goodnight!
~don't worry about people stealing your ideas, if they're any good you'll have to shove them down peoples throats~

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Hi everyone, nothing much happened today, but in english we're doing this play called "Inherit the wind". It's pretty good,so far, E.K. Hornbeck is hilarious, if you read harry potter fanfiction, think Sanpe or if you know of any sarcastic and somewhat cynical anime characters then he's most likely like them. Most hilarious lines:
Mrs. Mcclain: Want a fan? compliments of Maley's funeral home- thirty-five cents!
Hornbeck: I'd die first
anyways i'll post more tomorrow, hopefully a little earlier than today...

S: how do you make someone scream?
Me: show them something they're scared of?
A: (talking to S)she's scared of you, but she isn't screaming...
S: that's so mean!
A: I wasn't trying to be mean
S: that's still not nice!
A: I wasn't trying to be nice is that mean?

something that happened during luch, an argument between two of my friends, one is very innocent... sometimes annoyingly so, but she's still really nice and the other one is very sarcastic and cynical. Anyways goodnight!^-^
~education is not manditiory, neither is survival...~(it's from some place in the school, yes we do have random quotes painted in classrooms and hall ways)

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

some of my poems, beware my horrible writting skills... and my english teacher is still evil...
Nothing much happened today, but I do know this for sure, if i ever get put in an english class thaught by my current english teacher again, I am transfering out of it as soon as possible. Ok here's what happened, Tiffany came up to get our history project because her homeroom is closer to the history class, well the teacher closes the door right in her face, annnd besides that, my cousin was in one of his gr.11 classes and no one in that class got over an 80%, there were people in that class who went from a 98% average to a 72% average, not to mention his teaching style! UGH! We're already on the 3rd or 4th unit and it's only 2 mmonths into the school year! moving waaaaaayy too fast... anyways here are some poems I wrote. Ehheh, some of you might recognize these from fanfiction.net, from the story poetry through the ages...I'm posting them here to hopefully get some more opinons... and no i did not copy it if you want don't believe me tell me and i'll post something on my ff.net account to prove it.

I'm so confused
I lost
I lost my soul
My personality
They're in here somewhere
Trying to get
They cry and mourn
They screech and scream
I'm to confused
A piece of the puzzle is missing
It's the piece I need
To set me free
It's in the file dear
Under the rules and regulations
The way to talk the way to walk
How to address others
I want to be me
Not some little puppet that
Sits around and sews all day
I want to be sarcastic
I want to have fun
I want to be myself
Not a PUPPET!!!
Can you help me please?
I'm torn trying to go both ways
At life’s crossroad
I'm torn through n' through
I feel alone
I'm torn though n' though
I'm torn...



Mine is the blood
That taints this place
Mine are the tears that
Feed the river outside
Mine are the winds
Blown by the tempest
The tempest has come
Has come to take me away
The clock strikes twelve
And I must leave the ball
The prince does not notice
The tears of moonlight
The blood of rage
The sighs...
Of wind
Forgotten and used
I must flee
The coil has sprung
The string has snapped
These emotions
The sole question
On my quest
The lone question
On my lips
The soft sigh
Of the wind
It carries regret and betrayal
To the prince
But he is too late
To save
his maiden
My last breath sighs
An empty whisper
And receives
No answer
My last tear is shed
As the pain drifts away...


Falling Fast

Falling fast
Falling hard
Ground comin' up fast
Head's outta the clouds
Dreams shattered
Need more time
To live
To breath
So tired
Of living
Of breathing
Of my heart beating
The stars are dimming
The sun not shining
The moon is gone
There's a tear in its place
No room for the clouds
No room for my dreams
No room for me up there in your world
No room for tears or butterfly kisses
No room for the seas of sadness
No room for my sea of lost


Had Enough?

I can't take it anymore
This mask of deception and lies
The tangled web is closing in
Suffocating and tight
Not enough room
It's too much
I've had enough
I see a smirking face
"Had enough?"
The figure says
It's been so long
Since I've been myself
I'm lost
I'm sure that when I was young
I could have found myself
In this sea
This sea of lost dreamers...


What Is Love?

Love is young
Love is new
Love is old
Love is there for me or you
Love is a dance out in the rain
Love is a fireworks show
Love is a starry midsummer's night
Love is happiness
Love is joy
Love is a kind heart
Love is the hand that wipes away the tears on your face
Love is the first sign of hope in a hopeless time
Love is loyalty
Love is a new start
Love is in every heart
The end is never in love
For love lasts forever
And love never ends
Love carries on through death
Love is in every thing you see and do each and every day
Love is timeless
Love is never abandoned for glory or glamour
Love is true to itself
Love has no boundaries
Love is in every heart
Love lasts for more than a decade
Love lasts for more than a century
Love lasts for more then a millennium
Love lasts for longer than the end of time
~the diffrence between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.~

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   my english teacher is evil... very evil....
My english eacher is evil E-V-I-L!!! Seriously a one minue stand-up comdy presentation about pencil cases, PENCIL CASES!!! He assigned GLASSES and THE DICTIONARY as topics to some of my other friends as well! Honestly if he's going to make us humilliate ourselves can't he at lwast give us decent topics or at leas let us choose our topics??? You need to be able to come up wih material to do sand up comedy anyways! bu seriously, PENCIL CASE jokes??? ARG! I've been trying for like 3 hours now o try and write something anything but i can't think of anything at all... *sigh* this is going to ruin my average in that class too... sadistic jerk...*sigh* why didn't i transfer out of that class when i had the chance? the only hing i could come up with was one way to annoy someone wih a pencil case: zip and unzip the pencil case... repeatedly... for a very long period of time, especially if the person can't get away from you...*tear tear* bye bye grades.... any ways i have to go now bye :'( I'll tell you what happened wih the comedy stuff tommorow... ja
~there is no quality in others that frightens you more that a shadow of what you could have been~

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

   Ranting about part of my familly and school
Soooo tired right now, I have english, history, math and science for first semester and all of my ea chers seem to absolutely LOVE homework! So right now I'm stuck staying up until one o'clock in the morning, when i'm lucky and if i'm not 2 or 3 o'clock and i have to wake up 7:00, anyone else see a problem? lol. Anyways I probably won't be able to post much until next semester starts, but i'll try to keep posting once in a while. Anyways I REALLY don't like math it takes me so long to finish it *sigh*, yes i know i'm complaining, sorry about complaining but i can't really complain to my mom because she always gives me this Look when i do and starts to lecture me about how i can do this and then i start remebering that i have to prove half of my familly wrong. It's qute erking because my mom's side of the familly thinks i'm going to be a lazy bum and that i'm a dunce. Yeah it's annoying especially scince I haven't given them any reason to think that way, every time I see them I'm studying or working on something and they STILL think I'm useless... ah well. Anyways goodnight or good day/afternoon scince you'll mostlikely be reading this then. Bye ^-^
-Innocent as a dove you will hurt no one, sly as serpent no one will hurt you-

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Thursday, October 6, 2005

   Fanfictions! ^-^
*grins* hello
YES! my teachers have finally decided to be nice and give out less homework... or you could say they decided to be evil and unleash me on the internet...*shifty eyes* aaaaannnnyyyways, i wanted to get some opinons about some fanficiton idea that i'll hopefully post here. If my muse decides to behave and stay instead of running away half way through the first paragraph. so if you could leave any comments i would be very much obliged.
#1. Naruto-> three girls from our world get together to have an anime-fest. They're eating junk food and watching an episode of Naruto when suddenly, they're sucked into the .T.V. the last comment that is said before they loose conciousness is "D******* Morgan, i told you not to make any more of your 'special' brownies!". They end up in Naruto before the main character are bron around the time when the Yondaime was still a genin. The only diffrence, they've 'deaged' by two to three years (they were 14/15 when they first entered) anyways long story made short they train to be the best and then find themselves back in their world! they look at the episode again and notice that they've become part of cannon and were declared MIA(missing in acton). They trade looks and try to go into the first Naruto episode but this time something went wrong and they were seperated, one in Konoha, one in Kirikagekure (hidden village of the mist), and the last in Sunakagekure (hidden village of the sand) they end up making friends with diffrent characters and eventually are all reunited in Konoha, but all good things must come to an end...
Please tell me what you think!
-If you want conrol buy a remote-

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