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Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Alive.
so, in case you haven't noticed, i haven't posted in
a really really long time. you mightve just stopped
checking my page for that reason. i'm sorry. a LOT
has happened in these last couple months. to sum it all up:
i went to vegas, i got into a couple fights, im still
debating about which highschool i truly want to be in,
i've felt infinite [multiple times], i went to a
few concerts[RUSH, H.I.M], i want to go see gwar this
wednesday, i went to see across the universe.. um..
probably more has happened, but my mind is too fucked
to remember it all. oh yeah, and im confused about
who my true friends are. a few are becoming extremely
irritating for no specific reason. um, yeah.
so thats my oh so interesting couple months of
life. im sorry if youre disappointed.

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