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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

.. exhausted... x.x

wow.. i've had 18 visits... *dies from shock* I thought people wouldn't even bother to look at my site... o.o;;

I'm working on my main website and it's under construction... ^^;;

Maybe I'll scan some of my old comics on there..

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Tuesday, February 1, 2005


ugh.. I feel sick... x.x

Yesterday I had to turn in a 600-point research paper for AP English... and that was.. fun.. I stayed up working up on that thing.. and I hope it turns out..

Enough of that.. ^^;; I completed another picture.. It's not that good, the landscape took me a while to do.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   huzzah ^^

I am so happy that I finally posted a picture! ^^!!! lol I hope you all like it. ^__^ I have others but I'm not sure if I should post them yet..
Most are pencil sketches that look really nice--but I want to post pieces I feel are appropriate in quality for people to view. *contemplating on whether to add color to them*
I'm also in the process of completing some unfinished pieces. So.. in the midst of schoolwork, I will try to sneak in some artwork. ^^;

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

You are a Spiritualist. Your magic flows from the
primal forces of the cosmos. You could be a
gentle Healer, a miraculous Prophet or a
spirit-summoning War-mage with the strong link
your soul provides to the realms beyond
reality. You have preternatural abilities,
intutively sensing the personality of people
you meet and discerning events yet to happen.
You enhance your aura with meditative pursuits.
You are a good judge of character but your
idealism or morality can confuse others.

Which Magical Order Are You In?
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find your element
at mutedfaith.com.

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how could you reject Daisuke!!! XPPP
You're Risa!!

What DNAngel Character Are You? (Manga)
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Very optimistic person, loves to keep things in
high spirits. Usually the peron who trys to
cheer up the uncheerable, and suceeds.

What FF7 char are you??
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Some quizzes that I thought might brighten up this page.. ^^;;

Innocent Angel
Innocent Angel. Innocence. A true angel. Probably a
younger one. Not yet shown the real way of this
planet. Lemme give you some advice, stay that
way, for as long as you can. The pure make it.

What Element Angel Are You?
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^.^ This is my first post! Wai! ^^

Nothing is up yet, so it seems pretty empty.. o.o;; I have to get to work on scanning and stuff, but school is my priority at the moment. ^^;;

That is all for now.. ^^


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