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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Today was another quite strange day like all others (which would make it a normal day). Paster Selley told us we had to do a extra-credit report, which is due tomorrow, but I haven't even started! I really don't feel like starting, either. But I suppose I should.

Anyway, I finally got the hang of HTML! It's a miracle!! Now my site looks less cluttered. But one thing I noticed is that I have a lot of strange colors. Purpleish for the avatar, greenish for the background, yellowish for the posts, and redish for the font. One day, I just stick with yellow and red. Anyway, here are a couple questions:
1. Are you having some difficulties with this site as I am? As in, PMs and things like that? ~ Of course! I just said I was. ^^"
2. Do the contrasting colors of my site look alright? ~ ...
Random Question of the Day: Will you get me some Mountain Dew? ~ ...

Bye for now!


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