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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Basketball Tournament
Today was a weird day. Especially basketball practice! Before I go on, let me tell you my story about yesterday night's basketball game...

"The game was about to start! This year had been a bad one for us. We won about three games all season, the ones lost are uncountable. But we are 'Warriors'! And winning the battle was all that mattered to us!

Most of our players were sick, but we played hard anyway. Then, while playing guard on defense, I accidentally hit a girl behind me in her face. Her glasses fell to the ground, and the referee called a 'time-out'. I apologize a lot, but our team - and theirs - told me that it was okay.

Then I played harder than ever before! We had to win, now! I could tell my teammates were depending on me! But as I dribbled down the court, a girl socked me in the face (I hope she did that accidently)!! I could see my right contact fly out of my eye. But in the rush of the game, I ran."

So that's the story by me! I ever told the coach that my contact came out at half-time, and she put me in again. I was playing the rest of the game half-blind. But yet, I could half-see. ^^

(Wow! Is this a long post or what?) Then when the coach finally took me out, she told me I had done what she told me to do. What that was, I didn't know. 'Cause I was just running up and down the court waving my hands in the air! ^^"

Anyway, here's the questions:
1. Do you like sports? ~ Depends on my attitude at the moment.
2. Contacts or Glasses? ~ Definitely contacts!
3. Random Question of the Day: Are you thirsty? ~ Yes, very!

Ja ne!


P.S. I got off the subject. I was going to tell you we have a basketball tournament coming up on Friday and Saturday. ^^"

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