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Friday, December 29, 2006

helloo =]
Hey guys!! Yep so it's already Friday. =/ 4 more days of break which sucks.. well there is a kind of bright side to this for me... but anyway what did u all get for xmas?? From my mom I got an ipod video.. yay! (I wanted that for like soo long.) Annd my dad gave me a laptop. But no internet yet but.. here comes the brightside.. saturday or sunday i get a wirless connection =] yay. and no my dad is not rich, he got it from his job but it's a pretty good laptop. These must be the best xmas presents I ever got and ever will get. Hmm oh yeah and I got some gifts from my friends but i don't feel like making a whole list, heh. Yep so I'm actually talking to my dad more now. I didn't really like talking to him anymore (long story) but now I'm gonna see him Saturday. So that'ss good. Sunday is New YEar's Eve and guess what I`ll be doing! NOTHING! Yayy.. lol thats wat ive been doing this whole break.. seriously.. everyone is so busy doing something else except mee! oh well.. well if i dont get on here on New Years (which I`m sure I will but just in case..) Happy New Year!!! 2007 here we come! =]
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