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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Six Days =]
Hey! Yeah so it was a wayy better day then yesterday.. well yesterday was like a really bad day for me but today it was all good. Yep soo school was boring.. ooh well except for the assmebly the last two periods. It was really good. It was about bullying and the guy made it really funny but the ending story almost made me cry. It was a good way to end the day though =]. I had two less periods to go to. Well anyway besides school.. 6 more days until Christmas =]. I already know my mom bought me my present.. she bought it yesterday.. but I can't get it until Christmas grr. I know what it is tho, an ipod video that I've waited oh so long for. I've been patient for over a year for this thing and now the day is almost here. 3 more school days to go too. I can't wait. I love Christmas =]. Well I hope everyone's having a good day! ttyL.
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