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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Amazingg Weekend
Heyy! Yeahh I haven`t updated in a whilee//commented, sorry about that. This weekend was alot of funn. If you know me then you know I sit around doing absolutely NOTHING on the weekends so there usually very boringg. Well this weekend was different. Friday night I went ice skating with my friends Melinda and Jen. It was so much funn I love ice skating. Then yesterday I went roller blading withh them and today I went ice skating againn with them. It was soo fun/helarious. yepp. Well school`s been pretty much boringg lately I've been going to sleep late thenn almost falling asleep in classes XD. Yeahh so I'll make sure to go to bed early today. Anyway valentines day is almost here so if I don't get on by then, then happy early valentine's day <33. I'll talk to you guys soon hopefully and i'll try and comment. K byee.
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