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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hey everyone!! Sorry haven't updated for a while. So how's everyone's new year? Mines good I guess.. So yesterday was an interesting day I guess I could say...haha that rhymed. So what happened was.. well school was boring but while we were walking to 12th period yesterday the fire alarm rang. I was already at my class so stupid me I left my stuff there. So we were outside for a long time and we were just finding friends and talking to them.. man it was like a free period. I wish I had my cellphone though but of coarse I left it inside. Yeah soo I heard that some guy in the boys bathroom threw a lit cigarette in the garbage. How stupid XD. So we finally went back inside at like 2:26 and it was 4 minutes until we left. We had to stay like 3 minutes after the bell though and we were later then usual home. 12th period was fun though haha. Then also yesterday my puppy Kilo came back! Idk if I ever mentioned him.. he's a siberian husky. We gave him away though cuz he needs lots of space.. which we don't have. So the people we gave him to don't want him so we're gonna give him to some guy in Delaware but we're gonna be able to visit him if we want =]. Even though he's bigger he's still as cute as ever! I'm gonna miss him again. Well I have off Monday this weekend too which is good cuz I don't like school XD. I`m goin to the mall with my friends tomorrow. Today I`m just spending my last day with Kilo =[. Well I hope everyone's New Year is going good! =]
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