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Friday, March 3, 2006

Today is Friday!! Yay!! It's finally the weekend!! Anyway school was boring today..I had to right an essay in Gym today because my stupid class can't listen. And nobody really talked in lunch. I had a test in math that I almost didn't finish, I was rushing so I probably got a bad grade. But today I'm going over Monica's house to watch Yours, Mine and Ours!! I finally get to see that movie!! It's the weekend and this week was really boring so my goal for this weekend is to have fun!! Well I'll go start having fun now!! ttyl.
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Thursday, March 2, 2006

So today I went to school (as usual) and nothing special happened...i think. In gym I got to play ping pong though while other people were playing stupid mat ball!! haha. I actually kicked in mat ball though (i never do) but then after that I went to play ping pong. It was snowing alot in the morning but it stopped too early..that sucked. Then all it did was rain and hail. I had to stay after for art today too...but I had noone to talk to there. Then I had to walk home in the hail and there was slush on the ground so it was slippery. Everything after that was pretty much boring...I dont remember what happened at lunch accept argueing with one of my friends lol. But I don't know why I can't remember anything else. Ugh I have a math test tomorrow...Hey but it's Friday tomorrow yay! I'm going over Monica's house to watch a movie (Yours, Mine and Ours)!! :P She's going to rent it. I wanted to see that movie but I never got to. Well anyway nothing else to write so I'll talk to ya later.
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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

So today was the orientation and three of my friends came with me and one of my friend's sister. (Is she my friend?) Ok so anyway when we got to the high school we saw some of our other friends in the beginning and we were just talking with them. Then we had to go to our places so we did. (We had to go to the auditorium.) Then the orientation began after like half an hour of waiting. It was really boring all the people did was talk and talk and talk. Then we had to move to our next location which was the big gym. More people talked...After the orientation was over we got to tour. We didn't really tour more like running around the halls looking for our friends. My one friend (you know who you are!) kept running and my other friend was chasing after her and it was hard to keep up with the crowds in the way. We were running alot too! My friends are crazy. Yeah we found some of our other friends and talked to them. But most of the time we were running in circles...We went to the home ec room because my friends sister said they make brownies for us but there were none!! I wanted brownies!! Oh well. Yeah so thats basically what happened at the orientation. I'm tired from running so much!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hey..so today was an interesting day i guess?? Yeah well in gym since I wasn't there yesterday I found out I was disqualified and Luis won. That is unfair!! Because we had to switch sports today and I couldn't play him today. If anyone should have won it should have been me I mean I was ahead in the game we were currently playing!! And I would have kicked his butt too! But w/e. In social studies we had this campaigne and the other group won, it was stupid anyway...in math i leanred..boring..in english i read...french at the end of the period our teacher was all pissed..at lunch well lunch was funny lol. In home ec we learned how to sew corners it was easy but then we learned curves. I hate curves. And in science...well who cares. Oh yeah and today was crazy hair day and not alot of people had crazy hair their idea of crazy hair was stupid..but some people did..I didn't have crazy hair I don't really participate in those things. The sixth grade had the craziest hair. Anyway I wish my friends were here now. I'm bored. :P
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Monday, February 27, 2006

Yeah, so I didn't go to school today...so i didn't get to play table tennis or see my friends. But thats ok cuz I'll see them tomorrow..Apparently I missed something big...my friend fainting because she was sick and my other friend crying because of what had happened...sounded pretty bad. I hope shes ok. Well other then that..all I did today was basically watch tv. Another boring day. Well I did get to make cookies ^_^ lol.
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Boring day, didn't really do anything except watch tv, go online, talk on the phone, breathe, eat, blink, think... the usual... tomorrow is Monday ugh I don't want to go back to school. The only good thing about tomorrow is I get to play table tennis, see my friends, oh and that it's almost Tuesday (Inuyasha)... yeah thats it... I hope I beat Luis tomorrow.. if I even get to play him. Oh and I've been looking for the song Dareka No Negai Ga Kanau Koro by Utada Hikaru for a long time so if anyone finds it please tell me!! Well... gonna go find something to do... ttyl.
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Today Monica came over as usual (she always comes over on Saturdays) and we were talking on the phone with char and idk I forgot what else we did and of course we watched Naruto but she can't sleep over (as usual) except for that other time...and uh yeah. I can't wait to watch FMA later it's the 48th episode Monica keeps on telling me that over and over..aww it's almost over...but then theres the movie =D yeah well I'm a loser and have nuttin else to write so like monica says... laterz

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Today in gym we played table tennis again but I didn't play Luis again and finish the game cuz I was in two games at once and today the teacher made me finish the doubles game me and Valerie vs. Melanie BLue and Stephanie Pascal and we won the first game they won the second and so far we are winning the third so on Monday we are gonna finish it up then I'll get to play Luis..and at lunch Charlotte and Heather were annoying me with that song they were singing!! Yeah and the rest of my day was boring as usual.. besides talking on the phone with Charlotte b4...
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today in ping-pong I was against Luis and he's good. I didn't wanna play him! I wound up winning the first game!! But then he won the second one and right now we're on the third game. I have 13 and he has 12!! We keep getting ties. I really wanna win!!! And in art I got back my shading project and I got an A!!! Yay! I'm so happy!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

yeah so i had an otaku but my blog thingy wasnt opened but Charlotte wanted me to open it cuz she was desperate for friends and I have to listen to her cuz shes special. And I guess this gives me something to do when i'm bored...
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