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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today was a normal day of school again I guess except for GEPA. Today we had math GEPA. I thought it was going to be hard but actually it was easy!! After we were done with GEPA we had to wait and do nothing so I kept having staring contests with one of my friends. Of course I won all of them. Lol yeah you could tell we were really bored. Then finally we went to 4th period and there was only like 20 minutes left and we wathed this stupid movie. I forget what it's called but we have to watch it because we have a writing assignment on it next week! That sucks. 5th period watched more of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Lunch nothing really happened..I think. 6th period we started sewing bags actually not really we just started cutting the fabric and answering questions. 7th period I finally presented my science project. I knew I was going to go so I was so nervous but then when I got up there it wasn't really bad. I'm glad I finally got that over with. My brothers friends are actually being nice to me. But they are being really annoying right now!! Anyways that's about it for today. Laterz.
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Monday, March 13, 2006

Last night was horrible! I woke up at 4 in the morning and my stomach hurt. I felt like I was going to be sick. I couldn't go back to sleep until like 6. Then in the morning when I woke up at 7 only 1 hour later I felt better. But I was really tired and i had a headache. Then in school I had to do the GEPA science today and it was hard! I did bad on that. It lasted till 4th period. 4th period we had silent sustained reading...boring. In french we watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory but of course it had to be in french. At lunch I was starving. I didn't really eat much yesterday and had nothing at all today yet. Maybe that's why I felt sick. Anyway my mom picked me up from school early today at lunch!! So I missed art and science. Tomorrow I have to present in science. I hate talking in front of the class. Oh well I'll manage. Anyways so I guess my day was ok besides feeling sick at 4 in the morning. Well that's all for today. Laterz.
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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Today is going by fast and that sucks because tomorrow is GEPA!! (Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment) And tomorrow is the science part which I'll do bad on. I still need to work on my science project too. I only have until Tuesday. Anyway yesterday was fun. Only went outside once because there was nothing to do outside. Since I taped the dance along me and my friend were dancing to it and we actually know the dance now. Lol but it was fun. Full Metal Alchemist was good!! But the next episode is the last episode!! =[ I want to see the movie!! I can't wait until it comes out. Today I watched this movie on tv and it was called The Whole Ninth Yard or something like that, don't really remember. but it was kinda confusing. It was about people killing other people for 10 million dollars. Yeah you get it. Well I'm bored now. hehe. Talk to ya later.
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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yesterday was a fun day. Monica came over again. We were outside alot. The weather was so nice yesterday. I think it's going to be nice today too. Anyway at 8 we watched the new Zoey 101 movie and while we watched that I recorded the High School Musical dance along thing. The Zoey 101 ending was bad!! So after it was over I switched to disney channel and watched High School Musical. When the dance along came on I was trying to dance to it lol and Monica was cracking up. It was funny. Soon Monica left and my mom was on the computer so I had to wait for her to get off. It was like 11:30 and I was really tired so I didn't feel like waiting so I went to sleep. That's why I didn't updated yesterday. I think I got tired from dancing!! Lol. Wow it is really nice out. It feels warmer then yesterday. =] Well ttyl.
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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Today school wasn't as boring as it usually is which is amazing. Idk why it was any different from any other day...hmm. Well in math I found out that a guy in the class had the same bday as me and I found out at lunch that someone else had the same bday as me so now I know 6 people who have the same bday as me. That's weird, but awesome! One of my friend's were hyper at lunch today and she was saying random things but it was funny lol. Science was hilarious!! I guess that's why school wasn't as boring. We had a substitute and he sounded gay lol. Who knows maybe he is. And the class was really loud so he told us to be quiet in french!! it was hilarious how he said it!! Me and my friend were sitting by each other and we were cracking on him lol. That teacher had no control of our class what kind of teacher is that!? Yeah so I had a good day today and I'm going outside and chillin with my friend Melinda today because it's such a nice day out!! Well I'll ttyl. Bye.
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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Normal day at school again today...my gym teacher was pissed as usual because me and my friends weren't doing anything in mat ball but I could careless I hate her. She used to be a nice teacher but are class turned her into the devil. lol. Anyways I watched the 15th episode of HunterxHunter on you tube today. That's such a great anime if anyone doesn't watch it you should consider watching it!! Also Monica came over today and we chilled. I was hyper again. It seems I'm really hyper when I'm around her..weird lol. But we had a good time. I want it to be Friday already!! This week seems to go by so slow. Well I have nothing else to write lol so ttyl.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

School was boring...again. In gym we had to do fitness because my class never listens and she said tomorrow we're going to do fitness again because when we were supposed run and we didn't so gym sucked like usual. And in math I finally got the book back. It's a book that me and my friend write in and I lost it and my math teacher took me out in the hall and gave it to me she said some people read it but I didn't get in trouble. I wonder who read it though!! I'm never losing that book again! Anyway I'm bored and I have alot of homework today...the first time in a long time. Oh well. Laterz.
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Monday, March 6, 2006

Today was pretty much like any other day. School was boring...the only good thing that happened was that in science the teacher said people who are supposed to present their projects on Friday (that includes me) might not have to because we might do a GEPA practice since GEPA is starting on Monday. Which means I might get an extra day for my project!! Yay!! ^_^ Yeah but that's basically it though...I want to go somewhere but there's nowhere to go and noone to go with...oh well. :P
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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Today I was over Monica's house because like I said yesterday I slept over because the water in my house wasn't working. We watched FMA yesterday and it was a good episode!! (Well of course we watched it.) Anyway, today we were hyper ( I think I was still hyper from yesterday..it never wore off) We played this game with popcorn...it was really weird but fun lol. We also went outside on her trampoline!! I love the trampoline!! And we walked around the baseball field by her house and listened to music. When we got back from the baseball field I didn't notice her dog was outside for a walk and I started screaming because usually when he's outside he attacks me but he's only playing so I was right he attacked me but it didn't hurt cuz he was only playing but he got my jeans dirty lol. But he's a big lab. He's so cute :P. Then we went inside and a few minutes later I went home. But I had fun today..I had fun this weekend!! Yay! Well anyway nothing else to write so Laterz.
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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Yesterday, like I said I was going to, I went over Monica's and watched Yours, Mine and Ours. It was a good movie, it was funny lol. We also watched The Rage: Carrrie 2. That was a good movie too. Yeah so we basically just watched the two movies then I went home. Today Monica came over like she always does on Saturdays. When Naruto came on I started acting anything but ordinary. lol. I was really hyper and I still am. I was yelling alot and I think Monica was scared of me. Today I'm going over to Monica's to sleep over her house because the water in my house is not working. Hopefully she doesnt have to go to church tomorrow and we can hang out all day. Well thats all for today. Bye.
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